Our Commitment to Sustainability

Tuesday, 19 January, 2016

Nestlé Professional doing their part to help deliver sustainable products to our customers.


The Nescafe Plan is a global initiative that brings together under one umbrella, the commitments of Nestle that support responsible farming, production and consumption. Find out how we promote environmental responsibility, how we can create shared value for the people whose lives we touch and how you can help. Read more



We are always looking for better, more efficient, and more sustainable ways to package our products. We call this project our 4Rs approach. • Reducing the weight and volume of packaging materials; • Leading in the development and use of packaging materials made from sustainably managed Renewable resources; • Aligning with and supporting initiatives to Recycle or recover energy from used packaging, and helping to inform consumers through the use of identification and recycling symbols, and by encouraging consumers to recycle where programmes are available; and • Using Recycled materials wherever it makes sense.



Our distribution network ensures that every day more than 100 000 tonnes of products are transported to customers from our factories and distribution centres. We aim to optimise our distribution network (transport and warehousing) in order to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.



We are committed to increasing the nutritional value of our products whilst improving their taste and pleasure. Understanding our operators and their consumer needs is core to our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Read more


Our long-term success depends on the water resources that supply our operations and support the livelihoods of suppliers and consumers, which is why water is one of the focus areas. Read more



At Nestlé we believe we can make an important contribution to society, by going a step beyond corporate social responsibility to create value both for our shareholders and society, especially the communities in which we operate. Find out more or read about our latest CSV reports here.