The drinks menu can be overlooked in the excitement of creating food, but it’s an important part of the meal. It’s arguable more important than the food for cafes and bars, where people are drawn in by signature drinks. Regardless of if you own a restaurant, pub, hotel, or events venue – take the time to craft your drinks menu.

Not every drink has to be a unique concoction though. For basic drinks and staple favourites, turn to wholesale beverages. Manufacturers offer bulk beverages to ensure you always have what you need on hand. It’s important to find a trusted supplier that offers the right beverage solutions for your business. For example, there is a large range in quality when it comes to coffee beans. For places like cafes that rely on having the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, find a trusted supplier that fits your needs and provides what your customers want.

Wholesale Beverages

Choosing the right wholesale beverages for your business

A key trait of successful businesses is being able to set yourself apart from the competition. This is true for businesses across all industries – and food services is no exception. One way you can do that is by tailoring your offering to your customer base. When opening your business, pay attention to the details and differences that will set you apart. For bars, do you have signature drinks? Maybe a café pairs their baked goods with hot drinks to maximise flavour. An event venue might focus on offering a wide selection of single serve drinks to enhance customer experience.

Wholesale beverages make it easy to source drinks in bulk. The hard part is choosing the right drinks for your staff and customers. You can use market research and customer favourites to help in the decision-making process. You can also ask yourself a handful of questions such as: What is easy for my staff to serve? Do they need any special skills or training (e.g. memorising drink recipes or using coffee machines)? Are my customers sitting down with their drinks or are they on the move? Would customers expect a specific beverage and be disappointed if we didn’t serve it?




Types of beverage solutions for your business

There are a variety of different beverage solutions available to help make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Based on the meals you offer, your customer base, and the atmosphere of your establishment, you can find the right drink for the occasion. For breakfast in a family-friendly restaurant, you can offer Milo or Nesquick drinks. For outdoor venues, during cold weather you can offer instant hot chocolate and coffee. Healthcare and school cafeterias would probably turn their attention more towards nutritious drinks that are easy to have on the move.  

Besides ready-made or instant drinks, there are commercial machines that can make it easy for your staff to serve beverages. Pubs and bars that don’t have a bean grinder coffee machine can still jump on trends like espresso martinis with the Nescafe Nitro Cold Brew System. It saves the staff from needing to be barista-trained while still providing a smooth, velvety cup of cold brew coffee in seconds. Workplaces can offer high-quality coffee with coffee pod machines that are quick and easy to use with minimal clean up. The range of beverages and machines offered by Nestle ensures you can have happy customers and employees along with a trusted supplier.