Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods and mashed potatoes are no exception. They provide a creamy, starchy component that complements the main meat or fish. With dozens of different cooking styles and flavouring components, you can ensure they pair perfectly. Seasonings, herbs and cheese make the potatoes fit into any cuisine.

To simplify the prep time of peeling and cooking the potatoes, try Maggi products instant mashed potatoes. Made from 100% potato, it creates a versatile base in minutes. From there you can add your own touch to ensure it goes nicely with the rest of the meal. With just a bit of whisking, powdered mashed potatoes will ensure a smooth consistency every time. No actual mashing required!

Making mashed potato in bulk will allow your restaurant to save time prepping and cleaning up afterwards. Cooking potatoes in bulk and then adding in the cream, butter, herbs, etc. before serving will ensure it still tastes fresh. Add instant mashed potatoes to your pantry today – with a long shelf life, you’ll always be ready to whip up some yummy food.

Instant Mashed Potato

How to use instant mash in dishes

Instant mashed potatoes might be more versatile than you think. They have potential well beyond a traditional, standalone side dish. They provide quick, consistent, and smooth potatoes that can be used in a shepherd’s pie. They are also the perfect filling for pierogi.

Instant mash (still in powdered form) can be added to recipes for an extra touch like a breaded coating for fish, meat, and even onion rings. Being able to control how much water you put into it means you can get the perfect texture for a quick, smooth gnocchi without it being too wet or too dry. Potato casseroles and cakes are another way you can use instant mash in your dishes.



Tips on creating mash-based dishes in bulk

When you offer and serve potatoes, it is a good idea to make them in large batches. It isn’t any more complicated to make bulk mashed potato than individual servings, and it will save you plenty of time in the long run. You can boil the potatoes all at once, and then how (and when) you season them can depend on the menu. If you have mashed potatoes accompanying different mains, then you might want to season separately or divide into smaller batches to season after cooking. If you wait until you’re ready to serve the main before adding in the cream and butter, then it will ensure everything is smooth and fresh when it goes out to the table.  

For easy bulk cooking, instant potatoes can simplify the process even more. Consider using them at your next event with a buffet as they are bain-marie suitable for up to two hours. If you’re making individual shepherd’s pie, put the potatoes in a piping bag and create a uniform look for each dish. One last tip is warming up your butter and cream/milk before adding it to the potatoes so it’s easy to blend everything together and they don’t make your potatoes cold before serving.