While ordering dessert can often be an afterthought or spur of the moment decision for customers on the floor, it requires proper attention and focus in the kitchen. A lot of preparation goes into making desserts in bulk. Luckily, at least to some degree, aspects of it can be prepped beforehand. Depending on the dish, maybe the dessert can be made entirely in advance of the order.

When looking to order wholesale desserts, consider what can be made ahead of time versus what needs to be made when the order comes through. Cafes, coffee shops and bakeries generally make bulk desserts in the mornings and have different timelines and needs than a casual dining restaurant that cooks to order.

For those that have a time-sensitive dishes, buying ingredients like wholesale pudding can help speed up the prep work that can be done in advance. At Nestle, you can find key ingredients that support cooking high quality desserts in bulk.


Tips on making desserts in bulk

Cooking desserts in bulk can be overwhelming, but careful preparation can minimise that stress. Most restaurants and cafes will cook a rotational or set menu that makes it easy to perfect the process. But for those doing ad-hoc orders or special events, be sure to test out everything beforehand. Make sure the recipe is exactly how you want it and that the dessert forms well with any wrappers (e.g. not sticking to the sides or falling apart). You can also measure out batches of dry ingredients in advance – be sure to label them clearly!

If the dessert has cake layers or frosting, it could be possible to make them in advance. Frostings that can be made ahead of time include types like buttercream, cream cheese, and royal icing. Be sure to take them out of the fridge an hour or two before use to take the chill off and soften.

As a general rule of thumb when baking bulk desserts, make extras! The phrase ‘baker’s dozen’ might come to mind. Be on the safe side and plan for a comfortable buffer in case anything unfortunate happens.


What makes the perfect chocolate dessert

As one of the most popular food types and flavours around the world, having a knock-out chocolate dessert on your menu is a must. There are endless possibilities and flavour combinations from cakes to ice cream and cookies, pies, puddings, souffles and sundaes. Just to name a few!

When deciding what the perfect chocolate dessert will be for your menu, consider the textures, how to temperature control hot and ice-cold elements, what can be offered in terms of contrast and the plating design. There are of course other elements such as any special skills in your cooking staff, baking equipment, and the ability to cook en masse ahead of time versus making individual orders.

Dessert is the final impression on a meal and for the restaurant, making it an important part of the menu. It’s worth putting the time and effort into creating the perfect chocolate dessert!