The question, “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” draws excitement from most customers. It’s a chance to finish off the meal by trying something new or indulging in an old favourite – maybe even both! It can feel like an impossible choice when deciding what to offer on your dessert menu, but it has to be done. When deciding what to include, consider factors such as the cooking time, how easy it is to make in bulk, your equipment, your staff’s specialties, etc. To simplify the creation process, turn to dessert mixes and pre-made dessert sauces. They provide a consistent, high-quality product with a fraction of the stress. They make it easy to create bulk dishes with less ingredients and a quicker clean up. Nestle docello can assist you in making culinary delights that your customers will find irresistible. From traditional Panna Cotta and Créme Brûlée to intense chocolate fondants, Nestle docello celebrates the indulgence and refinement of dessert.

How to turn your dessert mix into a top-notch dessert

If you are looking to make desserts in bulk, it’s important to be savvy. Plan it out ahead of time and figure out the components you can prepare in advance. If you’re catering for an event or offering a new menu item in your restaurant for the first time, do a trial run before the big day. You can also incorporate dessert mixes to reduce stress, increase productivity, and maximise your time. It guarantees a consistent, high-quality product that you don’t have to worry about.

Dessert mixes give you a solid base to work from. You can turn your dessert mix into a top-notch dessert by adding your unique touch at the end. Decide on a signature component that you can add to set yourself apart and elevate the dish. For example, if you want to offer a chocolate mousse cake and have the perfect cake recipe but don’t have the time to make the mousse from scratch, whip up a perfect batch with Nestle docello’s mousse mix. There are a variety of flavours you can choose from to complement your cake perfectly.




Types of dessert sauce

Sauce is a key component to creating a gorgeous dish. From sweet to savory, it can tie everything together. It can provide extra taste, colour, texture, temperature change, and moisture to the plate. There is a near unlimited amount of dessert sauces and variations you can use when cooking. Some sauces can be drizzled over the dish or baked in depending on the recipe, like caramel sauce in flan. Coulis and fruit compotes are a versatile accompaniment from pancake to cheesecake. Chocolate sauces need no explanation, and custard sauces pair well with fruit and dense cakes.

Dessert sauces can be complicated, but they are well worth the effort to create. Consider what can be made in bulk or prepared ahead of time. Look to wholesale dessert sauces for simple solutions that allow you to focus on the other components needed for the dish.