Understanding and addressing hospitality staffing challenges

Friday, 30 July, 2021

Some venues in the hospitality sector have had trouble recruiting skilled staff. Luckily, there are innovative recruiting platforms like Barcats and other solutions that foodservice operators can use to help address their staffing issues and get back to doing what they do best – satisfying their customers!

Apprentice chef in training cutting vegetables

Why are some operators experiencing staffing challenges?

Due to border closures, there haven't been as many foreign backpackers, students, and working visa holders to fill key roles in hospitality venues. Working in a local pub, café or restaurant has been a reliable source of work for many people temporarily in Australia, but without them, some venues have had to scramble to find local talent instead. Many venues that have relied on temporary skilled workers have had to suddenly pivot to recruiting from the local talent pool, which isn't always an easy transition!

Waiter rushing to serve three plates of food

How venues are overcoming staffing challenges

Creative approaches to recruiting

Many hospitality venues are solving their staffing shortages by turning to innovative digital recruiting platforms like Barcats that specialise in connecting venues and workers, as well as building a stronger, more engaged community in the hospitality sector.

We wrote about Barcats almost a year ago, and since then, they've continued to be an invaluable resource for a wide variety of venues across Australia and New Zealand. The flexibility that Barcats gives hospitality venues and those looking for work has proved to be precisely what's needed. For foodservice operators, platforms like Barcats cut through cumbersome traditional recruitment processes, saving time and money without compromising on the quality of staff.

Head chef training new employees in kitchen

How the Barcats platform works

How the Barcats platform works

Barcats is an excellent resource for finding staff, upskilling existing workers, and educating venues on restructuring their teams to compensate for skills shortages. One of the unique solutions Barcats offers is encouraging those who have left the hospitality industry to return in a limited capacity, such as during school hours (great for mums and dads).

The holistic approach Barcats takes to solving hospitality staffing challenges is a welcome change of pace for venues and job seekers. Head to barcats.com to connect with thousands of hospitality staff in your area. If you're interested in getting help restructuring your teams, send the Barcats team an email at info@barcats.com.au.

Leveraging technology

Another solution could be found in technology. Last month, we wrote about 8 café and restaurant technology trends to watch for in 2021. The efficiency benefits that these technologies provide can reduce the pressure to fill roles since your existing staff will be able to do their jobs more easily.

Contactless table ordering systems like me&u allow customers to browse digital menus and place + pay for orders all from their phones. Customers don't even need to download an app or sign up for anything - they simply scan a QR code, and they're ready to go! This kind of system can reduce the pressure on your current wait staff and allow them to focus on providing the best experience possible.

Other solutions like voice recognition technology and cloud point of sale systems can help foodservice operators run a more efficient and profitable service. The extra revenue created by leveraging these technologies can make it easier to offer higher wages and attract more interest in job offers.

Contactless ordering with QR code and mobile phone

Getting back on track

While it's tough to be struggling with staffing issues, it's good to know that there are workable solutions. If you've had some trouble finding skilled staff, consider the solutions above so you can fill key roles or find a way to make do with a smaller, more efficient team.