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Friday, 28 August, 2020

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the Barcats community in particular Australia’s hospitality staff who have lost confidence in the industry. Hospitality venues are feeling the impact of local staff shortages more than ever, whilst job seekers are feeling more pressure. Find out how Barcat's have felt the impact the last few months, and how you can use their platform to help with staffing.

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With 93.33% reporting they would jump ship to another industry if it meant getting back to work quicker. Job seekers are also reporting an overwhelming 88% are suffering from increased stress and anxiety due to COVID-19. With head chefs, managers and supervisors are feeling the most pressure than any other role with 91.55% suffering from increased anxiety and stress as a result of the global pandemic.

Venues are also feeling the strain with more restrictions impacting current service and a huge skills shortage in the industry with working holiday, student and temporary visa holders forced to go back to their home countries leaving hundreds of thousands of hospitality jobs open. There’s fundamentally not enough local talent willing to fill the roles of chefs, kitchen hands, cooks, management and more. Venues in particular those in rural areas will feel the impacts of less travellers and visa workers.

However; in the last 6 – 8 weeks Barcats has been working to help upskill the current workforce, boost confidence in the industry and help educate venues on how to restructure their teams and rosters to work around the current skills shortage. By encouraging those who have left the industry to return to work a couple hours in the morning or during school times Barcats are helping venues tap into a new pool of skilled labour.

"We want to help save our community and are hoping to inspire young Australians to choose a career in hospitality or baby boomers to polish up their skills and return to our industry.”

Who are Barcats?

Barcats is a digital platform, which launched in June 2017 and connects the hospitality community across Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on building a stronger engaged community Barcats instantly connects venues looking to hire with quality staff in their area looking to work.

Barcats is one of the fastest growing hospitality networks across Australia and New Zealand and is well positioned to continue supporting and connecting the hospitality community, one job at a time.

How the platform works

How Barcats works

How you can take advantage - Get in touch today!

If you’re looking to recruit quality local hospitality staff for your venue head to to instantly connect with over 80,000 hospitality staff looking for work daily or if you want a Barcats representative to connect with you to see how you could be structuring your back or front of house team your team email