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Your Practical Guide to Protein in Aged Care

Tuesday, 23 May, 2017

With protein becoming more important with an aging Australian demographic, download your Practical Guide to Protein in Aged Care here.
"With research highlighting the need for more protein to support healthy aging1, the dilemma when working in Aged Care is how to meet these increased needs. This is particularly so when surveys show many of our over 65’s are not even achieving their minimum protein needs2.
In this booklet we outline the basics around protein; where you find the best sources and why it’s so important in healthy aging. Added to this is guidance on how to put recommendations for more protein into practice on your menu.
Finally we provide you with 16 nutritionally assessed and tested recipes that will deliver more protein to your menu using a range of fortification strategies, allowing you to better nourish those in you care."
Karen Kingham, Nutritionist, Nestlé Professional
"Small appetites and changes to taste perception can make providing tasty, nourishing meals for aged diners a challenge. But knowing your best pantry staples, and how to make them perform, enables you to meet nutritional standards and provide recipes that are simple to prepare and meet the needs of your residents.
The recipes in this booklet help you easily deliver protein across your menu. Some recipes include products enriched with protein and others use fresh ingredients and pantry staples to maximise flavour, in addition to giving recipes a protein boost. And because we all eat with our eyes, we've offered suggestions on how to serve and garnish your dishes to make them more visually appealing. We hope this booklet provides you with inspirational and nourishing recipes to encourage your residents to continue to enjoy their mealtimes."

Mark Clayton, Executive Chef, Nestlé Professional

Download your Practical Guide to Protein in Aged Care here.

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