Gluten Free Menus Exposed

Monday, 18 June, 2018

Research published in the Medical Journal of Australia has shown that gluten free meals served in Australian restaurants may not be what they claim.

In Australia, any food claiming to be gluten free be it produced from a restaurant kitchen or by food manufacturer, must have no detectable gluten. This is essential to be compliant with Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s definition of gluten free, and more importantly, essential for the health of those with coeliac disease.

When researchers from the Walter Eliza Institute visited a random selection of food outlets in Melbourne City, they purchased gluten free items for gluten testing. What their results showed was that almost one in ten gluten free food items sampled failed because they contained detectable gluten, some quite significantly so.

“We know from talking to our customers that information on planning and executing gluten free in the kitchen is in demand,” says Karen Kingham Nestlé Professional Brand Nutritionist. “However, this latest research shows that many food service operators are not getting all the information they need.”

As leaders in gluten free solutions, Nestlé Professional in partnership with Coeliac Australia has been able to support the development of a range of tools that will help foodservice operators in meeting their gluten free challenges.

These tools include a comprehensive Best Practice Guide for Food Service Operators, handy wall poster on troubleshooting cross contamination and gluten free online training.

Additionally, Nestlé Professional has an extensive range of gluten free products, with over 40% of the MAGGI and NESTLÉ DOCELLO ranges offering gluten free options. This makes achieving gluten free more operationally friendly for chefs without the compromise on flavour and functionality. 

Karen Kingham,
Nestlé Professional Brand Nutritionist

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