A Brief History of NESCAFÉ coffee

Friday, 16 February, 2018

At the heart of the home for six generations, NESCAFÉ coffee has lived through a world war and even been to the moon.

The History of Nescafe Coffee

The beginnings of our famous coffee brand can be traced back to 1930, when a group of Brazilian bankers asked Nestlé to help find a way to increase coffee consumption and decrease the enormous surplus of coffee production in Brazil. 

At the end of the 1920s, coffee prices were at rock-bottom and coffee was sometimes only good enough to be used as fuel. The Brazilian bankers wanted a popular coffee to be developed that could be consumed where a cup of coffee was otherwise not so easily available. From this, the idea of a soluble coffee in the form of cubes or tablets originated. This was supposed to boost sales without harming the traditional form of coffee consumption, but instead to make it more popular.

After seven years of development by chemist Dr. Max Morgenthaler, NESCAFÉ was born. The breakthrough beverage was finally introduced to the world on 1 April 1938. During the Second World War, it became the staple beverage of the US armed forces and, from then on, its popularity really took off. By the 1950s, coffee was the 'in' drink for the young rock'n'rollers who flocked to the new coffee bars across the western world.

From generation to generation, its popularity has continued to grow, thanks to an unwavering commitment from NESCAFÉ to the enjoyment and ease of a making a great cup of coffee.

In fulfilling this promise, we have also learned the need for continuous improvement and renewal. As times have changed, so have tastes and every new generation seeks to distinguish themselves from their parents. This constant evolution is what makes the role of NESCAFÉ in peoples’ lives so exciting, creative and rewarding.

Today more than 5,500 cups of NESCAFÉ instant coffee are consumed every second with different varieties catering to different tastes and preferences around the globe. And every cup is filled with over 75 years of incredible heritage.