A Gravy for Every Occasion

Monday, 1 June, 2020

For over 40 years, generations of Australians have enjoyed the delicious range of MAGGI gravies.

Whether it's a rich and meaty, or light and savoury gravy you're after, each recipe is artfully created to perfectly match your menu.

From a classic chicken roast to fillet steak, roasted field mushrooms and vegetables or everyone’s favourite, chips or mash, there's a gravy to suit all tastes and dietary requests.

Nestlé Professional Executive Chef, Mark Clayton will take you through why MAGGI makes the right gravy for every occasion.

The range includes both gluten free and vegan variants, giving you the flexibility to offer one gravy to all customers.

  • MAGGI Rich Gravy Mix - A traditional beef-style gravy in less than 5 minutes. Adds depth of flavour to any dish and perfect for a range of roast dishes, pies, grilled meats and hot chips or mash.
    • Matched for beef
    • Available in 2kg & 7.5kg formats
  •  MAGGI Supreme Gravy Mix - Gluten free, vegan and with a full bodied beef flavour. Ideal for dark meats and perfect for a range of dishes to add intense flavour, such as grilled meats and roast dinners.
    • Matched for beef
    • Gluten Free, endorsed by Coeliac Australia
    • Vegan
    • Available in 2kg & 7kg formats.
  •  MAGGI Chicken Gravy Mix - Made with real chicken, this gluten free gravy is the perfect partner for any chicken dish. Enhances the natural flavour of chicken.
    • Matched for Chicken
    • Gluten free, endorsed by Coeliac Australia
    • Available in 2kg & 7.5kg formats
  •  MAGGI Golden Roast Gravy Mix - A savoury light gluten free gravy that is perfect for a wide range of white meats, especially suited to carvery buffets.
    • Matched for white meats
    • Gluten free, endorsed by Coeliac Australia
    • Available in 2kg format
  •  MAGGI Instant Rich Gravy Mix - A gluten free, rich beef gravy ready in an instant, just add boiling water and whisk.
    • Matched for red meats and chips
    • Instant preparation - ideal for kitchens with limited preparation space
    • Gluten free, endorsed by Coeliac Australia
    • Available in 2kg & 7kg formats

They are all bain-marie stable and freeze thaw stable.

Whatever is being plated up, your customers will savour every last bite as MAGGI has the gravy for that perfect finishing touch.