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Starbucks is not just a passionate purveyor of coffee, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience. They also offer a selection of premium teas, fine pastries and other delectable treats to please the taste buds. To say Starbucks purchases and roasts high-quality whole bean coffees is very true. That’s the essence of what they do – but it hardly tells the whole story. Starbucks coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. Why do they insist on Starbucks? Because they know they can count on genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee everytime.

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We Proudly Serve Starbucks

The We Proudly Serve Starbucks™ Coffee Programme brings a range of premium beverages to your workplace or catered locations. The Starbucks® brand mission strives to "Inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.” Harnessing the unique brand values that define ‘Starbucks’, the mission is fulfilled through delivery of a beverage experience that consumers have come to know and love. With the We Proudly Serve Starbucks™ Coffee Programme, you can elevate your beverage offer, delivering the Starbucks mission, attracting consumers and increasing revenue.

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“Who is The Roaster Guy? The Roaster Guy is the passionate barista, roaster and traveller. He has wandered from the highlands in Papua New Guinea through to the fields of Ecuador and the rolling hills of Mexico to find the perfect balance, blend and harmony in life and coffee. He has taken notes, sketches and memories along the way to help create the perfect coffee for his customers. His passion for life and coffee is infectious. Sharing with people what he has learned in his dream. Once immersed in the heady brews and balanced beans of The Roaster Guy you cannot help but come back for more and start your own journey of discovery and appreciation for him. Welcome to the journey!”

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Milano - the birthplace of espresso culture - NESCAFÉ MILANO has captured the essence of style and sophistication, in a one-touch coffee solution. NESCAFÉ MILANO pushes the coffee industry to new heights with a selection of high-quality products and accessories. Delivering barista-quality coffees at the push of a button. NESCAFÉ MILANO is the answer to your customer’s request for a superior beverage experience. When you want superb end-cup quality, look no further than NESCAFÉ MILANO.

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