Research by Roy Morgan shows that nearly 3 in 4 (74%) Australians drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at least once in an average week. Hot chocolate is more popular among younger Australians and is a great drink to offer on menus alongside coffee and tea. Whether for kids or adults looking to cut back on caffeine, it appeals to a slightly different customer base than coffee and tea.

Nestle chocolate allows you to create your own hot chocolate from scratch. If you don’t want to spend the time melting and making your own hot chocolate, you can use wholesale hot chocolate powder to simplify the process. Having a quality hot chocolate powder allows you to quickly whip up a tasty drink for your customers in no time. Then you can add flavourings and spices to elevate the drink and add your own touch.

If you’re an employer or event manager, it’s easy to offer hot chocolate when using powder solutions. For the workplace, it’s a quick drink that employees can customise based on their individual preferences. For events and venues, it’s a way to help customers stay warm during the cold weather. It’s the perfect solution for consumers wanting a hot drink without any caffeine. Hot chocolate also gives parents an option to order a drink for their kids to keep them happy and warm while getting themselves whatever they’re after – whether that’s coffee or hot chocolate too.

How to use hot chocolate powder in cooking

Hot chocolate powder can be used for more than making the traditional drink. You can also use hot chocolate powder in your cooking. There are recipes that specifically call for hot chocolate powder such as brownies, chocolate cake, and tarts.

If you run out of cocoa powder, hot chocolate powder can potentially act as a substitute. As hot chocolate generally contains some amount of cocoa powder, it can provide a similar richness and colour that you’re looking for in a chocolate dessert. A difference between hot chocolate powder and cocoa powder is that there are other additives including sweeteners and milk solids. Take that into consideration when substituting, as you might need to adapt the recipe to make up for these additional ingredients.



Things you can add to hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for a cold, winter day. People of all ages can enjoy the warm, rich cocoa. If you’re looking to impress customers with your hot chocolate, add in different ingredients to enhance the flavours and add your own touch.

If you want to add ingredients into your hot chocolate, the first thing to consider is if you’re making it with water or milk. Milk will make it creamier and thicker proportionately to the fat content (e.g. full cream milk will be richer than skim milk). You can also add in different ingredients to create layers of flavour and depth. This can range from peppermint to nutmeg or cinnamon. If you want to add in some extra sweetness, add a dash of caramel or butterscotch. To finish it off, add some marshmallows or whipped cream.