To say that Australians love coffee is a bit of an understatement. The average Aussie consumes 1.92 kilos of coffee per year. About a quarter (28%) of that consumption is with instant coffee, which makes sense as the average cuppa at a café costs $4.13. Just one cup a day per year at that rate tips over $1,500. Making instant coffee at home is more convenient than going out and saves a chunk of money in the process.

If you want to offer coffee at your establishment or workplace but don’t want to have all the bells and whistles that a bean grinder machine needs, instant coffee is the perfect solution. Convenience isn’t the only perk too. Instant coffee is also easier and faster to make. It’s cheaper and easy to store with a significantly longer shelf-life than freshly roasted coffee beans, especially when bought as individual coffee sachets. If your employees are making their own coffee, it lets them customise their brew to be exactly how they want it.  

You can buy wholesale coffee sachets and coffee whitener that are made for individual use. Thanks to their long shelf-life, you can buy coffee sachets in bulk and make sure there’s always enough on hand. From a morning latte to coffee cocktail, there are recipes you can use to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Cappuccino Sachets

Latte Sachets

Mocha Sachets

Types of wholesale coffee sachets

There are a variety of factors that come into play when picking instant coffee. There are different kinds of beans to choose from, and the coffee might be a blend of beans from different places or could be single origin (one type of bean from one location). Once the beans are picked, there are two main ways to turn them into instant coffee: freeze-drying or spray-drying.

Wholesale coffee sachets create coffee variations such as lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas. You can even find flavoured latte like tiramisu or cookies and cream. There are also strong or decaf versions to ensure the desired caffeine levels.



How to make the perfect cup of coffee using sachets

There are a number of little tricks you can use to make the perfect cup of instant coffee. The first is making sure you’re using high quality coffee and fresh water. Consider filtering the water before putting it into the kettle, and don’t re-boil unused water. After you boil the new water, let it cool for just a little bit. If it’s too hot, it could have a scalding effect and make the coffee taste bitter. Another trick is to empty the coffee sachet into a little bit of cold or warm water to dissolve it before adding in the rest of the hot water or milk. Play around with the water to coffee ratio until you find the right balance.

If the coffee is too runny, try adding a dash of cream. If it’s too bitter, add sugar or a sweeter. You could also go for a dash of Milo or cocoa. If you’re cutting sugar, try adding some cinnamon on top. The last thing is to preserve the instant coffee with proper storage in a dry location or airtight container.