Welcome to Planetpro

Thursday, 25 February, 2021

We are proud to launch a new sustainability magazine called Planetpro.

Our goal is to support our customers in the food service industry, helping to share insights and knowledge of the emerging trends, important issues, and best practices This magazine will cover a range of environmental topics that are closely tied to the food service business. By sharing this information, we aim to help you find ways to reduce your business’s environmental impact and work together to make a real different to the future of our industry and to protect the planet.


Watch the below video to see where most the energy is used

Tackling the problem of food waste requires big-picture thinking. Let’s walk through every stage in your process from unpacking to serving the meal, targeting key areas where you can reduce or eliminate waste along the way.




Businesses that practice sustainability can decrease their running costs and achieve tangible benefits, such as cost savings and sales growth. Download this resource to find out how you can reduce your environmental footprint, by introducing simple, yet effective initiatives.

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