Understanding Plant-based Diets

Friday, 28 June, 2019

Each year around 76 million people world-wide will choose to take up a vegetarian diet2  and nearly 2.5 million Australians are currently following a diet that is all or almost all, plant-based or vegetarian . 


There are many different approaches to plant-based eating, from people who simply want to eat meat less often to people who consume no animal products or by-products of any kind. The range of options that exist for those looking to embrace plant-based eating includes:

Actively chooses to eat less meat, whether that means reducing the amount on the plate or avoiding meat on certain days of the week such as those who choose to follow the Meat Free Monday’s movement.

Don’t eat meat of any kind, but may consume animal by-products
•    Lacto-ovo vegetarians: eat dairy products and eggs, but not meat
•    Ovo-vegetarians: eat eggs, but not dairy foods or meat
•    Lacto-vegetarians: eat dairy foods, but not eggs or meat

Don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy foods, or any other ingredients created from or produced by animals, including honey and insects. This often also extends to other aspects of their life, where they also avoid toiletries, clothing and furnishings derived from animals.

Intense flavour that makes vegan dishes taste great! 

“Bold flavours are a challenge when cooking Vegan and Vegetarian… particularly in sauces and broths. The CHEF Liquid Concentrates range can help solve this problem. Chefs can easily achieve upfront savoury flavours in their sauces and broths that would be expensive and difficult to achieve with fresh produce.” Mark Clayton, Executive Chef Nestlé Professional 
The range is:

  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Gluten free
  • Has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Each bottle makes up to 6 litres of stock when diluted with water. Or, can be used for precision flavouring by simply adding it drop-by-drop to any dish, at any stage in the creation.

CHEF Demi-Glace Liquid Concentrate 

A foundational flavour that you may miss when removing meat from a dish. This product can be used in many ways, but primarily as a base sauce or as a seasoning to deliver an intense boost of flavour. 

CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate

Delivers a very unique mushroom flavour that is hard and expensive to achieve with fresh mushroom produce.

CHEF Vegetable Liquid Concentrate 

Wherever vegetables are used in a dish, this product can be used to enhance the natural vegetable flavours or as a vegetable stock.

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