Types of Gravy for Every Occasion

Tuesday, 23 March, 2021

Gravy is one of the most popular food sauces enjoyed by Aussies year-round and is an essential item in commercial kitchens across the country. There’s a wide variety of different gravy recipes to choose from, enabling chefs to be versatile with their menu offerings.


Pairing the correct type of gravy with your dish will elevate it immensely, helping to give your diners the best taste experience possible. It’s therefore helpful to understand what types of gravy there are so you can choose the perfect accompaniment for each of your dishes.

Gravy dishes for every occasion

The MAGGI gravy range has something for every occasion. Most of these gravy products are also gluten-free, allowing you to confidently cater to a wider range of customers. No matter what the occasion is, there is a gravy mix below that’s ideal for adding the perfect finishing touch to your dishes:

MAGGI Rich Gravy Mix

This signature beef-style gravy can be easily prepared in just five minutes, saving you time during busy services. This gravy is celebrated for its versatile application and pairs brilliantly with roast dishes, pies, grilled meats, chips, and mash.

MAGGI Gluten-Free Instant Rich Gravy Mix

This gluten-free rich beef gravy can be prepared in an instant with boiling water and a quick whisk. It’s a great time-saver in your kitchen designed for those who don’t have stove top facilities. Easy to quickly boost your grilled meats and roasts with a dash of rich beef flavours.

MAGGI Supreme Gravy Mix Nestle

This vegan and gluten-free gravy mix has a full-bodied umami flavour and is the ideal accompaniment to grilled meats and roast dishes. Your customers will delight in the intense flavour this gravy adds to their meal. café Nestlé

MAGGI Gluten-Free Chicken Gravy Mix

Enhance the natural flavour of your chicken offering with this gluten-free gravy mix. Made with real chicken, this gravy mix will partner flawlessly with any chicken item on your menu.

MAGGI Golden Roast Gravy Mix

This light gluten-free MAGGI gravy recipe is designed for pairing with white meats. It’s the perfect savoury addition to any chicken or turkey roast. All these gravy mixes are freeze-thaw, bain-marie stable and proudly New Zealand made. Learn more about how Nestlé Professional supports local brands, with MAGGI Gravy products proudly made in Auckland.

Gravy recipes for special occasions

When crafting a menu for special occasions, try to cover all the basics while adding something extra to draw in diners. It can be a good idea to anchor your menu around one signature special dish that your kitchen is prepared to make in bulk while supporting it with other dishes to give your customers a range of options. Having high-quality gravy mixes in stock is only one piece of the puzzle - you need to know how to best utilise them in your menu.

No matter what the occasion is, you can prepare something delicious and memorable using the right gravy pairing in your dishes. To give you some ideas, here are a few gravy recipes:

1. Roast Veggies with Golden Roast Gravy

This roast veggies recipe is perfectly complemented by the MAGGI Golden Roast Gravy Mix. You can also add an extra depth of flavour by including a vegetable concentrate.

2. Chicken Schnitzel and Chicken Gravy

Treat your customers to this recipe for chicken schnitzel that goes the extra mile with MAGGI’s Gluten-Free Chicken Gravy Mix. Serve with chips or mash to complete the dish (and try adding a teaspoon of Dijon mustard to give the gravy some extra punch).

Maggi Schnitzel and Gravy

3. Vegetarian Pepper Sauce

Create a marvellous accompaniment to roast vegetables with the recipe for vegetarian pepper sauce, using a MAGGI Supreme gluten-free gravy mix as the base. The fermented pepper adds plenty of extra flavour, which is sure to please your customers’ tastebuds.

4. Cranberry Gravy Sauce

Mix cranberry jelly with a gluten-free gravy to create this delicious gravy and cranberry sauce. It’s easy to prepare and is the perfect way to add some extra tang to roast dishes.

5. Red Wine Gravy Sauce

It’s hard to beat red wine gravy paired with a delicious steak. This simple red wine and port sauce recipe is great when using MAGGI Rich Gravy as a base.

6. Gravy Grain Mustard and Herb Sauce

This simple gravy grain mustard and herb sauce recipe is the perfect accompanying sauce for roasted red and white meats. Using MAGGI Golden Roast Gravy Mix as a base, whisk in grain mustard and the herb of your choice (such as parsley, chervil, tarragon, or chives).