From service to sauces; simple ways to adapt your business to a changing industry

Wednesday, 20 April, 2022

As with many other industries, the pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the foodservice landscape as the industry recovers, and consumers rethink their relationship with eating out. As an operator, now’s the time to start making the necessary changes to pivot your offering towards the changing needs and desires of consumers and the evolving nature of the industry.

View of busy kitchen staff preparing food through window

Here are a few simple ways to adapt your business so that you’re swimming with and not against the tide of change.

Satisfy your customers’ cravings for familiar comfort foods

Every Australian experienced some degree of stress because of the pandemic, with lockdowns separating us from loved ones and throwing our usual routines into chaos. To help cope, Australians turned to familiar comfort foods like snitzel and chips, or ice cream. And while the worst of the lockdowns seem to be behind us, research has shown that consumer interest in comfort eating isn’t going away anytime soon, particularly amongst younger Australians.

This all means that when choosing somewhere to eat out or order from, Aussies are gravitating more towards classic, uncomplicated options they know they will enjoy.

Chicken snitzel and chips on plate with gravy

Help your customers celebrate going out again with shared food experiences

But consumers are craving more than just familiar flavours - they want to celebrate going out again and experience enjoying these meals with their friends and loved ones. As we wrote about in our article on 2022’s food and coffee trends, research has shown an increase in demand for foods where consumers experience eating together rather than ordering separate dishes.

You can leverage this demand for experiential eating by offering menu options like share plates that connect more than one person to the dish. With so many Aussies eager to make up for lost time by eating out with a group, it makes sense to have a few dishes designed with these customers in mind.

Restaurant customers sharing food platters with friends

Cater to the demand for trust and safety with reputable brands

We know that consumers prefer to buy ethically sourced and sustainable products, but another key area of concern is the safety of what they purchase and consume. According to, 70% of consumers believe it is important to know how ingredients are manufactured, prepared and handled.

You can diminish any concerns potential customers may have by ensuring you’re using reputable and trusted brands in your food preparation. From soup, stocks to condiments and sauces, use well-known brands and ensure that information about what you’re using is readily available for customers (like on your website or within your printed menus).

Chef stirring soup in pot with spoon

Offset staff shortages and run a leaner business by streamlining operations and simplifying your menu

As a foodservice operator, you’ve likely already felt the sting of industry-wide staffing shortages. We don’t sugarcoat it, it’s tough, but there are little things you can do to alter your service to reduce the pressure on your current team.

With the trend of customers craving simplicity and familiarity, take the opportunity to simplify your menu. Consider adopting a ‘less is more’ mentality by focusing on guest favourites rather than trying to maintain a huge variety of dishes. Apart from streamlining menu options, you can stock your kitchen with versatile, compact, and trusted products that minimise complexity in meal prep without sacrificing quality.

For example, making consistent sauces requires skill and a significant allocation of time that could be spent on another aspect of service. This is where products like RTU (ready-to-use) sauces can come in handy, allowing chefs to quickly provide customers with a range of tasty and familiar sauces with better portion control and less wastage.

steak with sauces

Convenience without compromise; introducing new MAGGI ready-to-use gravy

mockup gravy dishes

The new MAGGI RTU gravy is an excellent time-saver that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to taste. It easily pairs with customer favourites like hot chips, schnitzels, roasts, grilled steaks and pies. This locally made gravy is bain-marie stable and microwaveable , so it easily works within your kitchen’s needs. It’s also gluten-free, so you can serve it to a wider variety of customers.



With 9 out of 10 consumers looking for more gravy*, you can now squeeze more out of your menu with the NEW easy and convenient MAGGI Gravy RTU.

*Benchmark Sensory Panel with Consumers, March 2022 (N=71)