Nestlé Professional is promoting the expertise of Australian baristas through education and training

Tuesday, 23 February, 2021

When it comes to coffee, both hot and cold, Nestlé Professional is overflowing with expertise for its audience to benefit from. Below, Joanna “Jo” Yuen, Nestlé Professional’s National Barista Trainer and Beverage Advisor, talks about how this expertise is shared with baristas and cafés around Australia.

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Nestlé Professional has long been established as a total beverage solutions provider, handling everything from supplying coffee beans and coffee-making equipment to delivering consumer insight and general business support around the world. Despite having a global scope, Nestlé Professional is still able to focus down and embrace the local Australian market, with coffee brands like BUONDI and THE ROASTER GUY being roasted locally in Gympie, Queensland.

Some of the most impactful offerings from Nestlé Professional are the training and education programs offered to its customers.

This training and education is led by Joanna “Jo” Yuen, a Nestlé Professional Barista Trainer. With over 10 years of industry experience, she has an intimate understanding of the café barista profession and has worked with a variety of leading roasters and suppliers.

Previously in charge of the Nestlé head office café, Jo’s expertise in coffee-making has seen her become the National Barista Trainer and Beverage Advisor at Nestlé Professional. With a strong focus on customer service, Jo became a familiar personality around the office, and her passion for coffee proved to be infectious.

Nestlé Professional hoped that Jo could impart her passion and dedication to other baristas, and they were not disappointed. As a barista trainer, Jo employs the same personal touch she did while serving coffee, ensuring that each class is intimate and focused enough to be as engaging as possible.

Jo says that “A barista can be the most important person to setting your day off right in the morning,” reinforcing the importance of practising customer interaction on top of technical coffee-making skills.

While educating her students on aspects like sustainability and the ‘bean to cup’ journey, Jo likes to employ a hands-on-approach to make things a bit more fun.

While there are several important skills baristas are required to practise, such as milk texturing and tamping, Jo explains that it is often the simple things that people make mistakes with. Revisiting the fundamentals is a key aspect of Jo’s training.


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Making excellent coffee in an efficient manner is key for any barista, but this needs to be done consistently and with a smile to best serve customers.

Jo mentions that the importance of customer service can be easy for some baristas to forget when their workload is high, despite having the skill to do it well. She adds that “there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have a coffee”, highlighting the fact that baristas need to respect and cater to customer preferences.

The education and training offering from Nestlé Professional covers more than just barista classes. Everything, including technical, operational, and commercial support is included, all with the goal of preparing and empowering café professionals to help their businesses flourish.

On top of the robust education and training offering, Nestlé Professional also uses their online platforms to share insights related to coffee and the café industry. These digital resources can help café owners in a range of ways, from pivoting to meet different coffee trends to leveraging marketing opportunities.

Of course, sustainability is an ever-present value promoted by Nestlé Professional throughout all its services. Nestlé Professional products are set to feature the Australasian Recycling Label, with some getting Rainforest Alliance certification. On a global scale, Nestlé has made a commitment to ensure all product packaging is either recyclable or reusable by 2025.

In 2021, BUONDI and THE ROASTER GUY brands will get a refresh. Also, the increasing rollout of the Nescafé NITRO Cold Brew system is allowing cafés to tap into a growing market with unprecedented ease.

Jo added that she and the Nestlé Professional team are eager to hear and incorporate feedback to improve the educational offering for customers. She concluded by saying that Nestlé Professional has a lot of “exciting plans and innovations in store for 2021,” and that she’s eager to share them over the year.


If you currently buy Roaster Guy, NESCAFÉ or BUONDI coffee beans through Nestle Professional please email to find out more about our coffee training*.


*Please note our coffee training services are currently only for existing customers who purchase coffee beans through Nestle Professional