Introducing new MAGGI Gravy Ready to Use!

Wednesday, 4 May, 2022

Gravy is a favourite finish for many dishes, learn more about our new MAGGI Gravy Read to Use below.

MAGGI Gravy Ready to Use

Nine out of ten Aussies surveyed are looking for more gravy*, so squeeze more out of your menu with a delicious, new, ready-to-use gravy from MAGGI!

MAGGI Gravy Ready to Use (RTU) is available in a convenient 1L squeeze bottle, helping to reduce costs and minimise waste while speeding up back of house preparation.

As gravy is a favourite finish for many dishes, the new MAGGI Gravy RTU is an excellent time-saving solution for smaller kitchens who are short on time, skills and preparation space. Given the current shortage of skilled labour in foodservice, many businesses have recognised the need to streamline operations and simplify the menu, reducing complexity in meal preparation.

MAGGI Gravy Ready to Use is also locally made and is bain-marie stable and microwaveable^, so it easily works within your kitchen’s needs. It’s also gluten-free so you can serve it to a wider variety of customers.

Simply heat and serve to easily pair with your customer favourites. Get inspired with some of our suggested applications below:

  • Hot chips
  • Schnitzels
  • Beef rolls
  • Pies
  • Roasts
  • And many more…!

MAGGI Gravy Ready to Use