How to create a more engaging workplace

Wednesday, 30 March, 2022

The stress and disruption caused by the pandemic have put employee satisfaction in the limelight. As your employees begin to filter back into the office, it’s time to think about ways to ensure they’re still having positive, productive engagement with their work environment and colleagues.

Happy and engaged workers in meeting room with Nescafé coffee

Luckily, creating a more engaging workplace isn’t as abstract and challenging as it might sound. Here’s how to make your workplace more engaging for current and future employees.

Embrace and support hybrid work styles

One of the biggest realisations for Australian businesses during lockdown was that most employees could be trusted with more flexible working arrangements. Research has shown that 55% of employees are high performers when given flexibility over when and where they work as opposed to just 36% when forced to work a traditional 9-51.

However, working remotely also highlighted many of the advantages that working in an office space has, particularly when it comes to collaboration. Having sampled both working styles, office teams have realised that a hybrid approach nets the best results.

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Instead of your office being a place where employees simply grind through their work hours, transform it into a purposeful hub for collaboration and social interaction. At the same time, provide employees who are doing solo work the ability to avoid distractions and engage in deep focus work.

So how do you tick all these boxes? Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Integrate single-occupancy meeting rooms and quiet work areas with a booking system and establish an agreed-upon etiquette for employees to flag when they don’t want to be interrupted
  • Invest in laptop docks, additional screens, standing desk units and other infrastructure that supports an easy transition between home and office workspaces
  • Create a comfortable workspace and ensure every employee has an ergonomically rated chair and other human-friendly peripherals like a wrist rest or ball mouse

Stock your kitchen and breakroom with the best amenities and supplies

Enhancing employee engagement is about protecting your most valuable asset - human capital. Your kitchen and break room are two areas built specifically with human needs in mind. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on these spaces when seeking to create a more engaging workplace.

Stocking your fridge, kitchen pantry and breakroom with quality snacks and beverages signals that you value employee comfort and engenders a celebratory atmosphere. Some offices keep a bar fridge packed with beers and wine to reward employees after a week of hard work or maintain a selection of premium label tea and coffee that employees can benefit from any time during the week.

Starbucks office coffee station

Since it is often the workhorse of your breakroom/kitchen space, procuring the right coffee machine is vital. It can be challenging to find a coffee machine that hits the sweet spot between quality and convenience (ensuring that your employees actually use it). Premium automatic coffee machines that are easy, efficient and designed to provide great quality coffee that is sure to impress your employees.

Alternatively, capsule/pod machines may provide the best option for busy offices as they streamline the coffee-making process without sacrificing the fresh-roasted taste and aroma everyone craves. Not only can you guarantee great quality, having pre-portioned capsules/ pods that are quick and easy to pop into the machine makes it a no-mess, no-stress situation. Individual coffee capsules/pods mean each cup of coffee has a guaranteed freshness that large jars of instant coffee will lose over time.

Finally, if you are looking to offer cold beverages, there’s a range of excellent solutions available, serving iced coffee, MILO, and iced tea, at the touch of a button.

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