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The Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF'S HAT AWARD is dedicated to helping junior and apprentice chefs develop their cooking skills and broaden their culinary horizons.

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The Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF'S HAT AWARD is dedicated to helping junior and apprentice chefs develop their cooking skills and broaden their culinary horizons.

It’s the longest running culinary competition in Australia that offers young chefs the chance to really find out where they are as a chef, by pitting themselves against their peers and benchmarking their cooking skills.

Taking part in the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF'S HAT AWARD provides young chefs with the added opportunity of being mentored by culinary instructors and given access to a national network of professional chefs.

This year, the national winning team will be headed to North America for a once in a lifetime culinary prize trip.

The competition is open to residents of Australia who are currently in the culinary profession and aged between 16 and 25 years of age on 30th September 2016.



Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF'S HAT AWARD - Date & Venue

The Regional Cook-off's will be held on the following dates and locations. For any queries, please go to the Contact Us section of the site.




Wednesday 25th May

NSW Regional


Friday 27th May

NSW Regional


Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June

QLD Metro


Saturday 18th June

QLD Regional


Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd June

NSW Metro


Tuesday 28th - Wednesday 29th June

South Australia


Wednesday 6th - Thursday 7th July



Monday 11th July

Australian Capital Territory


Sunday 17th July

Western Australia


Wednesday 20th July

Northern Territory


Thursday 28th July






National Final:






Monday 12th - Tuesday 13th September

National Final


Wednesday 14th September

Awards Night






Competition Information

Entering the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF'S HAT AWARD gives you an amazing opportunity to kick-start you and your team mates culinary career. You’ll be cooking from the get-go with the opportunity to pit your skills against your peers. Plus, you’ll get the chance to be mentored by culinary instructors and given access to a national network of professional chefs.

You and your cooking partner could become nationally recognised as the best junior or apprentice chefs in the industry. Better still, you could win this year’s prize – a $15,000 culinary experience to North America for a culinary experience trip of a lifetime.

At the National Final Cook-off, to be held in Melbourne this September, all finalists have the opportunity to win medals for achievement to nationally recognised standards in entrée, main and dessert course categories. There are no entry fees and for finalists who make the National Final, reasonable travel and accommodation costs are met by the promoter where required.

To be eligible for entry, you must be an Australian resident aged between 16 and 25 who is currently in the culinary industry during the competition period. You must form a team of two and decide on your team leader. Then each team member must:

  1. Complete an online entry form.
  2. Tell us why you deserve to be the next Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD winner.



Judging Guidelines

It’s essential to use the same set of rules and guidelines across all regions. The assessment of the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD reflects hot competition guidelines set by the Australian Culinary Federation for junior chefs. The objectives of the Australian Culinary Federation guidelines are to determine a universal set of criteria that could be easily understood and practically implemented to achieve a national standard.

The total weight of the complete meal size should be around 300-400 grams. The composition must be well balanced in a correct proportion of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fibre. It’s also important that the colours harmonise and the dish shows practical application.

Menu descriptions are to be supplied and all dishes must be of edible materials.

Chefs, cooks, apprentices & culinary students must be under the age of 25 as of 30th September 2016.

Team members are required to bring the following to each cook-off:

  • Clean & ironed uniform and footwear
  • Notepad and pen
  • Toolkit
  • Basic small equipment that would normally fit into a toolbox (e.g. dessert moulds, Bamix, piping bags, tongs etc.)
  • Reference books (optional)
  • Competitors may bring in White China plates (standard plates will be provided at host venues but can vary in quality/style)

NO unauthorised equipment will be allowed into the kitchen.
All electrical equipment must be tagged.
Teams will be given 3 hours to prepare, cook and present a 2-course meal in all Regional and Metro Cook-offs.

Teams will be given 4 hours to prepare, cook and present a 3-course meal in the National Final Cook-off.

Each team starts with 100 points and points are deducted in accordance with the following measurable elements:


30 points

Personal Presentation
Set up work station 
Hygiene Practices 
Technical skills displayed 
Correct Mise en place level 
Correct methods of preparation 
Efficient utilisation of time/organisation skills 


25 points

Suitable temperature 
Appropriate to class/true to menu description 
Clean arrangement & dish 
Portion size

TASTE TOTAL                                                 

35 points

Does the main item taste good 
Does the sauce/garnish taste good 
Does the vegetables taste good 
Balance of textures 
Balance of flavours 
Harmony of flavour combination



10 points




Product List

Regional and Metro Cook-offs:
It is mandatory for all teams to use CHEF Reduced Veal Stock and a minimum of 3 other Nestlé Professional products from the list below at all Regional and Metro Cook-offs.

National Final Cook-offs:
It is mandatory for all teams to use CHEF Reduced Veal Stock and a minimum of 4 other Nestlé Professional products from the list below at all National Final Cook-offs.

The following Nestlé Professional products will be made available to competitors at all the Cook-offs.


Ready-To-Use Sauces


MAGGI Classic Thick & Chunky Mild Salsa


MAGGI Fish Sauce






BUITONI Sugo al Pomodoro (Tomato Coulis)




Side Dishes


MAGGI Classic Gluten Free Mashed Potato Instant Mix












Coconut Milk Powder


MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder Mix




Dehydrated Sauce Mixes


MAGGI Classic Demi-Glace Sauce Mix


MAGGI Classic Béchamel Sauce Mix






CHEF Reduced Veal Stock


MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock


CHEF Reduced Shellfish Stock






NESTLÉ DOCELLO Crème Patisserie Dessert Mix


NESTLÉ DOCELLO No Bake Egg Custard Mix


NESTLÉ DOCELLO French Vanilla Flavoured Mousse Mix






Chocolate - Compound and Couverture










Milks and Dairy


CARNATION Creamy Evaporated Milk


NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk


NESCAFÉ Gold Original


UNCLE TOBYS Traditional Oats



Regional and Metro Cook-offs Ingredienct List:


Each team will use 1 Primary Cut & 1 Secondary Cut on their Main Course of Beef or Lamb or Pork You will be ordering only your protein for the Final. Date orders to be in TBC.

Grain Fed Beef
Short Ribs 5 Bone & Chateaubriand 1 x approx. 750g
Emerald Valley Lamb
Lamb Rump cap on 4 x approx 300g & 1 x 8 point lamb Rack cap on
Homestead Pork
Pork Neck Fillet (Collarbut) 1 x approx 2kg & Pork Tenderloin 2 x approx. 300g



500g Unsalted butter


1L Milk


600mL Cream


6 Eggs


200g Greek yoghurt




Fruit & Vegetables


50g Spinach


2 Large brown onions


2 Leeks


4 Large Desiree potatoes


2 Baby fennel bulbs


3 Celery sticks


250g Button Mushrooms


2 Medium Carrots


1 Large Eggplant


400g Green beans


1b Bok choy




¼b Oregano


¼b Coriander


¼b Mint


¼b Chives


¼b Rosemary


1stick Lemongrass


½ Garlic


30g Ginger


10 Kaffir lime leaves


2 Red chilies


1b Rhubarb


4 Bananas


8 Grapefruit




Dry Goods


7 Gelatin sheets


250g Dried apricots


100g Arrowroot


200mL Red wine vinegar


200mL White vinegar


50g Dijon mustard


500g SR flour


500g Plain flour


200g Corn flour


200g Polenta


100g Almonds


50mL Vanilla essence


500g Castor sugar


200mL Extra virgin olive oil


500mL Vegetable oil


cans cooking spray


400g Tinned Borlotti beans




Herbs & Spices




Ground black pepper


Ground white pepper


Whole black peppercorns


Bay leaves


Ground cumin


Cinnamon quills


Juniper berries


Ground nutmeg


Star anise


Fennel seeds


Saffron threads








500mL Red wine


500mL White wine


100mL Port



Cook-Off Information 

Teams are advised to read through the terms and conditions of entry and the Nestlé Professional products to be available to you on the competition day.  

Competitors are required to bring the following:

  • Clean uniform and footwear
  • Reference books (optional)
  • Note pad and pen
  • Tool kit
  • Basic small equipment that would normally fit in a tool box: for example  (dessert moulds, bar mix, piping bags, tongs etc)
  • Competitors may bring in White chaina plates (standard plates will be provided at host venues but can vary in quality/style

* Standard plates will be supplied for the use of all competitors

NO unauthorized equipment will be allowed into the kitchen

Regional and Metro Cook-offs:


Meet at venue and change into uniform




Compatition rules explained


Teams select ingredients and set up allocated work stations 

*Marks will be lost for excessive selection of ingredients

13:15 - 13:25        

Main course presented. 4 covers

13:50 - 14:00

Dessert presented. 4 covers

14:00 - 14:30

Clean down

*You will be finally assessed on presentation clean work station and utensils


Competition completed


Medal presentation



This schedule is a guideline, due to large numbers of entries in some states your start times may be staggered.

Note: There will be only one winning team announced for each region; this team will be invited to compete in the National Final.

If one of the team members cannot compete, the team finishing second (which is not announced) will be invited to represent their region.

Actual cooking times: 3 hours to prepare and present 4 covers of each course.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these terms and conditions.
  2. Entry is open to persons who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in clause 4 below. Employees of the Promoter, the Promoter’s agencies and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.
  3. The promotion opens on Monday 7 March 2016 at 9.00am AEDT and closes at 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 6 May 2016.
  4. To enter the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD competition, you must form a Team of 2, nominating a Team Leader and a Team Assistant. Both Team members must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:
    a) be a resident of Australia (i.e. residing in Australia during the active competition period and at time of major prize international culinary work experience trip (see clause 11 below for further details on major prize) as an Australian citizen or holder of a valid visa);
    b) Not have a birth date before 30 September 1991 (i.e. be aged from 16 and under 25 years old during the active competition period)
    c) be within the culinary profession (i.e. chef, cook, apprentice or culinary student etc);
    d) be able to attend the Regional Cook-off and Final Cook-off on the dates required if invited; and
    e) have completed the registration form (each entrant needs the permission of their employer and team mate prior to submitting their details as part of the promotion)
  5. Entries (registration forms) must be submitted as a Team by one of the following methods:
    a) Online at; or
    b) Email by completing the registration form and sending it to [email protected]

    Note: The Promoter will also post the online link on the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD Facebook page inviting people to enter, visit
  6. The competition will involve Teams from the following 10 Regions: 1) New South Wales Metro; 2) New South Wales Regional; 3) Victoria; 4) Tasmania; 5) Australian Capital Territory; 6) Queensland Metro (includes all towns south of McKay); 7) Queensland Regional (includes Mackay & all towns north of it); 8) South Australia; 9) Northern Territory; and 10) Western Australia.
  7. The Promoter will review and judge all entries to determine and notify the successful entrants from each Region, inviting them to compete in a Regional Cook-off in order to select a Team to represent that Region in the National Cook-off. Teams competing in the Regional or Metro cook-offs will be notified prior to the 23rd May 2016. The names of the Team members competing in each Region will also appear on the website on or before Tuesday 31 May 2016.
  8. There may be more than one Regional Cook-off (depending on venue capacity and/or entry numbers in a particular Region).
  9. Regional Cook-offs will be held between May 2016 and July 2016 at an exact time, date and location to be specified by the Promoter within each Region. The National Cook-offs will be held from Monday 12 September 2016 to Wednesday 14 September 2016 in Melbourne, Victoria.
  10. The Promoter will judge the team’s performance at the Regional Cook-offs and one Team from each Region will be selected to participate in the National Cook-off. The Team that is judged to be the best competitor in the National Cook-off will be awarded the major prize (see clause 14 below for further details on judging).
  11. The major prize is an international culinary experience in North America to the maximum value of $15,000 for the winning Team, (or $7,500 per Team member). The Promoter will determine the exact details of the major prize experience.
  12. A secondary prize will be awarded to a Team participating in the National Cook-off, which is judged to have demonstrated the most creative use of Nestlé products for entrée, main or dessert course presentations. The prize for each Team member in the Team awarded the secondary prize is valued at up to $1,000 equivalent recommended retail price (“RRP”) (i.e. total value of the secondary prize is up to $2,000 RRP).
  13. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be taken as cash, unless otherwise stipulated.
  14. This competition is a game of skill and accordingly, chance plays no part in determining the winning Teams. The competition will be judged in accordance with the Worldchefs, Australian Culinary Federation and Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD Judging Guidelines, which can be found at
  15. All entries and supporting materials become the property of the Promoter and will not be returned. Entrants are encouraged to send copies of any relevant supporting materials, rather than originals. All details will be held in accordance with the Nestlé Privacy Policy which can be accessed by visiting or by calling 1800 005 510.
  16. By entering the competition, each entrant agrees that all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in any recipe created by the entrant in a Regional or National Cook-off will vest in the Promoter from the date of its creation. The Promoter may use the recipe for its own commercial purposes and each entrant agrees not to object to any such use, on the basis of any moral right or otherwise.
  17. By entering the competition, entrants acknowledge that if they are selected as a finalist or a winner, they may be asked to participate in publicity and promotion of the Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD as required by the Promoter. The Promoter may request their support in the form of comments for press releases, social media, photographs, video, media interviews, radio and/or television appearances.
  18. Entrants warrant that all material submitted is their original work.
  19. Unruly or rude behaviour or failure to follow the directions of the Promoter during the course of the Regional or National Cook-offs will not be tolerated. Any competitor behaving in such a manner may be immediately disqualified (along with their Team member) from the competition by the Promoter, at the Promoter’s absolute discretion.
  20. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to allow a Team to take part in any or all aspects of the competition if the Promoter determines, in its absolute discretion, that a Team member is not in the mental or physical condition necessary to be able to safely participate.
  21. The Promoter will provide accommodation, meals and reasonable travel costs associated with participating in the National Cook-off. Any additional costs (for example travel insurance) are the individual responsibility of each selected Team member.
  22. The decision of the Judging Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  23. It is a condition of participating in the competition that Team members selected to participate in a Regional Cook-off and the National Cook-off sign a waiver of liability and an indemnity in the form determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion.
  24. The Promoter is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for personal injury suffered or sustained during the course of participating in the competition, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  25. Entrants release Facebook from all liability in relation to the competition. Entrants acknowledge that this competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and that any information provided by entrants is provided to the Promoter and not to Facebook. 26. The Promoter is Nestlé Australia Ltd ABN 77 000 011 316 trading as Nestlé Professional of 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138.