Wednesday, 10 July, 2019

Take your dishes from OK to KO with authentic global flavours

Australia’s appetite for authentic global flavours is constantly evolving, reflecting the rich multicultural influences on our cuisine. Mediterranean, Asian and American cuisines are now sitting in the top influences on Modern Australian menus. As we become ever more culturally diverse as a nation, diners are more and more favouring fusion-based dishes, stepping out of their comfort zones and wanting to try something new.


Whether that’s putting a spin on a menu classic that we all know and love, or pushing the boundaries by combining two or more cuisines together in the one dish. The key to creating winning fusion dishes is not being shy to integrate interesting, new flavours on your menu - but also knowing your customer and their palate in terms of how far to take it.


“Modern Australian menus are about fusion and combining many flavours on the one plate.” - Executive Chef, Nestlé Professional, Mark Clayton.

“The challenges in embracing global flavour trends is know-how and access to seasonal or specific ingredients to recreate these flavours authentically and consistently. Our range supports chefs by making it easy to incorporate these trending global flavours across menus”   


Our Flavours of the World range is here to inspire your menu



The BUITONI range of finished tomato sauces have been crafted by the CHEF team at Casa BUITONI in the Tuscan countryside using handpicked tomatoes
- bringing the Mediterranean to your menu.




The MAGGI Taste of Asia & HAOJI ranges of sauces, pastes and oils are inspired by the streets of Asia.
Developed from authentic Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Sichuan, Malaysian and Kashmiri recipes, allowing for fierce Asian fusion.




The MAGGI Taste of Americas was launched as American and Mexican food have exploded across Australian menus and are here to stay!



You can view the range showcased across many Modern Australian dishes in their latest Flavours of the World Booklet