Five simple ways to improve your customer experience (tip: provide coffee)

Friday, 16 February, 2018

Customer experience (CX) is becoming big business for business.

Customer drinking NESCAFE

As consumer expectations continue to rise, 24/7 digital customer service solutions, such as live chat or social media, are becoming the set standard. People are increasingly connected to companies – and to each other. Some 93% of buying decisions are now influenced by social media, including customer service, peer reviews and recommendations. While digital CX is an important focus for businesses today, what other ways exist to increase overall customer experience?

1.    Give away something free

Providing an exclusive perk to your customer’s family and friends has a double benefit. Not only will offering freebies potentially atttract new customers, they also make your current customer feel special. You could provide a discount voucher for a product of service, or a special offer like a complimentary expert consultation. Your customer could receive a discount for a referral. Alternatively, offering a simple cup of coffee could easily elevate the in-store experience at your branch.

2.    Customer support 

Think about the after-sales support you provide to your customers. Can customers contact you outside standard business hours? In the world of 24/7 customer service, how does your service rate? It is worth investing some time and thought into the problems your customers may experience, and how you can best address them. Customers of our coffee machines can opt for either our Nestlé Professional CafeCare or ProCare service. If there are any issues, your office NESCAFÉ coffee machines can be repaired or replaced within four hours in metropolitan areas. That is our service level agreement to our customers.

3.    Offer a phone consultation 

While Australian customers value digital engagment, people of all ages want the option of phone contact. Particularly when customers have invested a lot of time or money, the option to have all their questions answered at once is generally preferred. Phone consultations can also help reach and engage prospects who are not in the same geographic location.

4.    Make your customers comfortable 

Your salesroom needs to be comfortable. Choose your furniture carefully to ensure both style and maximum comfort. Comfy sofas or chairs with cushions will help your customers feel at home. Add a range of magazines and a selection of coffee table books that reflect your brand. For example, is your brand focussed on technology? What about a book of inspirational quotes from IT leaders? Think about creative ways to represent your brand. And ensure there’s a nearby self-serve coffee machine.

5.    Just provide good coffee

We mentioned this before, but simply offering a free hot beverage can do wonders. When you’re doing face-to-face sales, for example in a car dealership, offering your customer a cup of tea or coffee is an effective gesture that creates instant rapport and makes the person feel cared for. Look for a coffee machine that delivers a range of quality beverage options – just in case the person prefers tea or hot chocolate!