Easter Dessert Ideas Using Compound Chocolate

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021

Easter is an occasion you certainly don't want to ignore if you're in the restaurant or cafe industry. When it comes to food, Easter is most often associated with chocolate, so it makes sense to take advantage of this fact with a themed dessert menu.

melting chocolate for Easter desserts

Adding exciting desserts to your menu will help you bring in new customers who are feeling indulgent and want something a little more inspiring than a store-bought treat. For customers who might otherwise skip dessert, you can promote limited-time Easter dishes that they'll be more likely to order. However, coming up with new dessert ideas isn't always easy. The following will give you some ideas for desserts you can prepare for the Easter season.

How to elevate your Easter dessert menu

There are a variety of different approaches you can take to make a winning Easter dessert menu. Whether you want to go all-out with a cake shaped like a rabbit or do something a little more refined, your only limit is your imagination. It helps to think about the character of your business and what your customers generally expect. If your business caters more to date night than family outings, then you will probably choose different dessert recipes (for example, young children tend not to like dark chocolate, but many adults love it). Here are a few dessert recipe ideas using compound chocolate to help inspire you this Easter:

Chocolate Brownie Sandwich

chocolate brownie sandwiches Easter dessert

This chocolate brownie sandwich recipe is more complex than most Easter desserts, but the final result is spectacular. With two brownies sandwiching a layer of double choc mousse and coconut sprinkles, this is an ultra-decadent Easter treat. Served alongside a small bowl of berry compote, your customers will adore the presentation and novelty of this offering.

White Chocolate Crème Patisserie Tarts

These white chocolate crème patisserie tarts are perfect for those who want something a little lighter, sweetened with a garnish of fresh fruit. You have plenty of room to experiment with this dish's presentation, and the relative ease of preparation ensures it's something you can reliably serve during busy periods.

Chocolate & Macadamia Cheesecakes

You can never go wrong with a good cheesecake. This recipe for chocolate and macadamia cheesecakes offers a rich, flavour-packed Easter dessert for your customers, and it invites you to get creative with presentation.

Deconstructed Black Forest

Deconstructed foods and beverages give your customers a novel experience while also benefiting from a unique presentation. This deconstructed black forest recipe is quite advanced, but the payoff is well worth the effort. This dessert, garnished with white chocolate shavings, cherry compote, and chocolate soil, will impress and delight your Easter customers.

Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns Easter dessert

Hot cross buns are probably the most iconic Easter food next to chocolate eggs and are beloved by people of all ages. Try incorporating this hot cross buns recipe into your Easter dessert menu to offer something familiar and enjoyable to your customers.


For more inspiration, take a look at our Easter dessert recipes by Docello®. These recipes are simple and satisfying, giving you a reliable way to pivot your business towards Easter patrons. With recipes for desserts like Easter babka and Easter meringue pie, this page can easily become your go-to during the Easter season.

Compound vs couverture chocolate when baking

When it comes to baking and chocolate, you have two options - compound and couverture. Couverture chocolate contains chocolate liquor and cocoa butter, while compound chocolate substitutes both of these with more common ingredients, like cocoa powder and vegetable oil. Because of this, couverture chocolate is considered to be superior in taste and quality to compound chocolate. However, most believe that compound chocolate is a cost-efficient alternative to couverture that still produces excellent baked desserts.

For dipped items, couverture chocolate needs to go through a tempering process where it is heated and cooled to achieve the best flavour and texture. However, tempering is not relevant when baking, so both compound and couverture chocolate can be melted and used with equal convenience in your kitchen.

When it comes to your Easter dessert menu, the choice between couverture and compound chocolate largely depends on what you want to achieve. For delicate and precise desserts, use couverture. If you need something more robust, use compound chocolate. The Nestle Docello® range features high-quality compound and couverture chocolate options, such as this dark chocolate couverture kibble, perfect for making intense and indulgent desserts.

This recipe for Easter egg hunt chocolate fondants uses couverture chocolate and might be worth incorporating into your menu. These recipes for fig and walnut brownies and chocolate and walnut brownies use both compound and couverture chocolate. Having both types of chocolate stocked in your kitchen will give you the most flexibility in serving a memorable Easter dessert menu.

Explore our range of compound and couverture chocolate to find the right product and quantity to serve your business this Easter.