Cold brew coffee: What’s all the hype?

Sunday, 18 February, 2018

Coffee chains around the world have been closely observing new trends in consumption, especially among younger customers who prefer sipping on cold brew and favour less bitter, less acidic flavour profiles. 

Glass of cold brew coffee

A 2015 survey by Dataessential revealed that 67% of millennials are likely to order flavoured iced coffees and that the new millennial palette is after a brighter, crisp and bolder taste.

Cold brew offers Cafés and restaurants opportunities to diversify their beverage menus.  

While traditional coffee based hot beverages kick-start the morning, cold brew offers a refreshing cooler experience especially during the summer season. The nature of the beverage allows consumers to sip on it at their own leisure, unlike drinking a hot coffee that’s continuously losing warmth. 

Closely linked with the birth of third wave coffee culture, cold brew consumers care about their beans. 

Extracting that fresh flavour takes time. The coffee beans are ground and steeped in water for a period (usually overnight) without any preservatives or additives. Here is a video from Nestle Professional USA explaining the process and growing popularity and easy to use concentrates like:

GET VERSATILE WITH COLD BREW COFFEE                                                                                                                               

Cold brew coffee can be easily customised based on demographic, clientele and season. In winter, adding chocolate or warm-in-flavour spices such as cardamom and cloves can warm up cold brew. Alternatively, during the hot season, add a citrus effect or infuse some vanilla ice-cream to give a sweeter lift or bring out chocolatey notes.