Chef Gunawan making his mark and leading PLAISTOWE chocolate masterclass in Adelaide

Friday, 20 September, 2019

Introducing the master of chocolate, with a personality and passion for dessert like no other, Gunawan the Head Chef of “2nd and 6th" restaurant in Adelaide.

PLAISTOWE Tiramisu Dessert Garden

On Monday 2nd September, the Nestlé Professional team paired up with the exceptional Chef and hosted a Chocolate Masterclass, educating and inspiring over 50+ chefs who attended watching his craft and skill in dessert making.

     Chef Gunawan Chocolate Masterclass

The masterclass was held at Sprout Cooking School with chefs from all over Adelaide attending from venues such as The Mercure, Mantra, Adelaide Oval and the National Wine Centre. Using the Nestlé PLAISTOWE 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Couverture, he guided the class on making his signature dish – the Tiramisu Chocolate Garden. YES – this entire dessert is edible (even the flowers!)

PLAISTOWE Tiramisu Dessert Chocolate

Gunawan’s PLAISTOWE Garden is inspired by traditional Tiramisu flavours.

He demonstrated how to execute several techniques including tempering chocolate, making a dark chocolate ganache, creating a dark chocolate soil garden, and crafting delicate decorations to enhance the presentation. 
For those playing at home, find a copy of the recipe HERE. To give you an idea of how this came together, the mascarpone mixed with the PLAISTOWE created a creamy dark tiramisu base to the dessert. Along with this, the PLAISTOWE chocolate soil provided texture and the coffee savoiardi balanced the rich chocolate flavours. 

After watching the master at practise, the ‘students’ were tasked to recreate this dessert themselves, following the recipe made by Gunawan. It wasn’t as easy as he made it look!

Sarah Jones from the National Wine Centre in Adelaide states, “As pastry isn’t one of my strongest points, I felt as though Gunawan was a really great mentor for this chocolate masterclass. He made the learning experience very interesting and fun… It’s crazy how he can make such simple recipes look so magical on a plate!”

Chocolate Masterclass Adelaide    

Chocolate Masterclass Adelaide

Different customers in the process of re-creating the PLAISTOWE Tiramisu Chocolate Garden

This was an excellent opportunity to educate chefs and customers around the different uses for the PLAISTOWE 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture. The team who had the best dessert in both look and taste took home kilograms worth of chocolate to play around with.

Happy customers Adelaide Chocolate Masterclass

Happy customers with their finished dessert creations

A little more about Gunawan..

Originally from Indonesia, Gunawan left his home behind 10 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. He has since received a Bachelor of Food Engineering at the Université de Toulouse le Mirail, and studied patisserie in Le Cordon Bleu in Adelaide. His impressive resume does not stop there; he is now an accredited Australian Culinary Federation chef judge for the South Australian region, and has been judging the Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat national apprentice challenge along with secondary school cooking competitions. Gunawan has worked in many well-known restaurants in Adelaide and learned from some of the country’s best chefs, preparing him for running an esteemed restaurant of his own, currently the Head Chef of 2nd and 6th in Adelaide leading a team of talented staff and developing his personal cooking skills.

Gunawan loves to express his art on dessert in different way, he made fried chicken macaron with tomato ketchup filling, “MAGGI” Mashed Potato macaron with “MAGGI” Demi-Glace ganache, Tom Yum macaron and many other macaron creations! (YES – he will experiment with everything!)

Chef Gunawan Chocolate Masterclass

Gunawan with a batch of Fried Chicken Macarons!

Check out his Instagram page @awi_wu and see for yourself! 

If you would like to sample or purchase some of the PLAISTOWE 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture, contact your Nestlé Professional sales representative or alternatively email us at