The 3pm coffee and three surprising benefits for business

Friday, 16 February, 2018

Coffee is not simply delicious – it has business benefits too. By providing coffee to your team members, your employees will be healthier and happier! Here are three surprising benefits of providing coffee to your business. 

1.    Improved collaboration and networking 

Having a coffee machine in your office improves team performance in several ways. Hot beverages facilitate good relationships - whether it’s building rapport by sharing hot chocolate on a cold day or providing a round of coffee during a team meeting. Never underestimate the warm feeling of gratitude you get when a team member offers to make you a hot beverage.

Instilling a collaborative culture within your organisation is important, and this can be done through the installation of self-service coffee machine. Office coffee machines have become the modern day water cooler, where informal - but important - conversations can take place. Diverse team members can find common ground, bond and discuss crucial projects to add value to your company. Also social interactions during coffee breaks help facilitate new ideas and information sharing.  

2.    Increased productivity 

Being a coffee drinker by nature increases the number of social interactions in a day. Increased social interactions by nature leads to opportunities to communicate and hear work related challenges from new perspectives.  

Ongoing work requires focus and attention, which can lessen throughout the day. Having a cup of coffee invigorates and increases energy with healthy adults being able to consume upto four cups of caffeine each day. Pregnant women are advised to have no more than two cups of coffee a day (200mg of caffeine intake).

3.    Enhanced happiness and engagement 

Providing a quality coffee machine can improve wellbeing, and also benefit your employees financially. All that time spent queuing in lines, dishing out $4.00 - $5.00 and leaving the quality of the end cup upto chance could be finally over. 

Furthermore, for office workers who are confined to their desks for most of the day, a healthy walk and stretch to the coffee machine could be a great thing!