Salted Dark Chocolate Mudcake

A sublime slice of temptation to draw crowds to your café Total time 75 minutes + cooling time Makes 1 slab 5x24x14cm or makes 12 slices at 3.5cm x 6cm


    Whole eggsWhole5
    Caster sugarGrams288
    PLAISTOWE 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate CouvertureGrams168
    Vegetable oil Millilitres144
    All-purpose flourGrams240
    Sea saltGrams4.5
    Warm waterMillilitres220
    Extra salt to decorate  


    PLAISTOWE 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Coverture (Chopped)Grams150
    Thickened creamMillilitres162
    Unsalted butterGrams20




    1. Preheat the oven to 150˚c and prepare a 5x24x14cm rectangle frame with baking paper and foil. 
    2. Melt the chocolate and oil in the microwave. 
    3. In a stand mixer place the eggs and sugar, whip till slightly changed in colour. 
    4. Add in the salt, NESPRESSO and pour in the chocolate mix. 
    5. Mix together the bi-carb and warm water. 
    6. Sift the flour and slowly add it in three stages to avoid lumps (mix is runny). 
    7. Then last add in the water. 
    8. Pour into frame and bake for 40-45 minutes


    1. Place glucose and cream on the stove to boil. 
    2. Pour cream over chopped chocolate, and emulsify with a stick blender till smooth. 
    3. Then add your room temperature butter, emulsify till smooth. 
    4. Let ganache set overnight in a cool place.


    1. Cool completely and cut the top of the cake to make it level. 
    2. Then slowly cut the cake length ways to get two rectangles (place cake bake into frame).
    3. Weight 170g of ganache onto the first layer of cake and spread evenly with a pallet knife.
    4. Then place the second piece of rectangle cake on top of the ganache, press down slightly.
    5. Weight 80g of ganache and spread it evenly giving it a nice finish using the pallet knife in a zigzag motion. 
    6. Decorate with extra sea salt.
    7. Refrigerate till set, cut to serve.