Eggs Benny on Waffles

Serves 10


    • 10 waffles
    • 10 eggs
    • 100ml white vinegar
    • 10 short bacon rashers
    • 300ml MAGGI Hollandaise Sauce
    • 1 bch chives, chopped


    1. Place a pan of water and the vinegar on the stove and bring to boil to poach the eggs.
    2. Grill the bacon and keep warm.
    3. Toast the waffles or warm on a griddle.
    4. Warm the MAGGI Hollandaise Sauce.
    5. Poach the eggs and drain well.

    To serve place bacon on the waffle with the poached egg. Top with MAGGI Hollandaise Sauce and garnish with chopped chives.