Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger with Black Garlic Mayo

Add a luxurious taste to your burgers by creating a creamy black garlic mayonnaise.


    For the Black Garlic Mayonnaise

    • 100g Mayonnaise 
    • 20g CHEF® Black Garlic Paste

    For the Burger

    • 700g Brioche burger buns (equivalent to 10)
    • 220g Burger patties (equivalent to 10)
    • 200g dry cured bacon 
    • 150g cheddar cheese

    For the garnish 

    • 150g rucola salad 
    • 150g pickled red onions
    • 100g ketchup 
    • 1kg French fries


    Prep time: 45 minutes. Cooking time: 15 minutes. 

    1. Mix the mayonnaise and CHEF Black Garlic Paste together to create a smooth spread.
    2. Fry the bacon crispy. Then grill the burger patties and the brioche buns.
    3. Place the bacon on the patties and melt the cheddar over the patty. You can do this under a salamander or by using a gas-burner.
    4. Assemble the burger by spreading some of CHEF Black Garlic Paste mayonnaise on the bun and build it up together with ketchup, salad, patties and pickled onions and finish with the bun. 
    5. Serve with French fries and using the remainder, an extra side potion of the CHEF Signature Black Garlic Paste mayonnaise.


    Why not serve the Black Garlic pure in the burger as a seasoning.