Coco Cinnamon Nitro Cold Brew

Treat yourself to this delicious afternoon delight made with simple coconut and cinnamon ingredients, and topped to perfection with a whipped cream swirl.
  • 1 Portions


  • 240ml NESCAFÉ Nitro Cold Brew coffee
  • 30ml UHT Coconut milk
  • 30ml Cinnamon Brown Sugar syrup
  • Garnish of Whipped cream and Caramel sauce


  • Pour coconut milk and syrup and stir
  • Dispense NESCAFÉ Nitro Cold Brew
  • Garnish with whipped cream and caramel sauce


  • Coconut milk can be replaced by any plant based milk of choice.
  • Omit whipped cream and caramel sauce for a vegan recipe.


  • Hurricane glass
  • Mason glass
  • Pint glass