The Classic Benny

Soft poached eggs with double smoked ham topped with tasty MAGGI Hollandaise Sauce served on a fresh English muffin. A guaranteed crowd pleaser.
  • 10 Portions


While this recipe contains gluten free ingredients it may not be suitable for a gluten free diet. Please check all ingredients listed to ensure this recipe will meet your needs for gluten free.

5 English muffins 
300grsmoked ham, sliced 
10 eggs 
100mLwhite vinegar 
300mLMAGGI Hollandaise Sauceslightly warmed



1. Toast the muffins and butter.

2. Arrange the ham on each one on a tray.

3. Poach the eggs in just boiled water with the white vinegar.

4. To serve drain the poached egg and place on the muffin on top of the ham.

5. Drizzle MAGGI Hollandaise Sauce on top of the egg.

6. Sprinkle with the chives and serve.