Chocolate Mousse Log with raspberry compote insert

A bitter sweet treat to delight your diners Total time 80 minutes + 3 hours setting time Makes 10 desserts


    Raspberry compote filling

    Frozen rasberriesGram400
    Caster sugarGram80
    Lemon juiceMillilitres40


    Chocolate Mousse

    Chilled milkMillilitres560
    Nestle Docello Chocolate Mousse mixGrams290
    (makes 10 logs and extra to finish)  



    Caster sugarGrams84
    Unsalted butterGrams174
    All-purpose flourGrams258
    PLAISTOWE Premium Dutch Process CocoaGrams36


    Chocolate glaze 70%

    PLAISTOWE 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Couverture Grams300
    Vegetable oil Millilitres250



    Rasberry compote filling


    1. Put all ingredients into a pot and boil till it slightly thickens.
    2. Remove from heat and leave aside till completely cooked. 

    Chocolate mousse


    1. Whip milk and mousse mix till velvety and light. 
    2. Pipe mousse into a rectangle mould half way, using a crank handle small pallet knife, push mousse against sides of the mould. 
    3. Pipe the raspberry filling into the middle of the mould. 
    4. Cover with more mousse and pallet knife flat. 
    5. Freeze till completely frozen.



    1. Preheat oven to 180˚c. 
    2. Combine in a stand mixer butter, sugar, flour, cocoa powder and salt together. 
    3. Add the egg and mix until dough forms. 
    4. Rest the dough for 1 hour. 
    5. Roll out till 2mm and cut to desired size. 
    6. Bake for 12-15 minutes

    Chocolate glaze 70%


    1. Melt chocolate and add oil 
    2. Mix together till combined. 


    Finishing the dessert


    1. Demould the mousse logs, stick two toothpicks on top and dip the log into the glaze just over half way (glaze should be 35˚c). 
    2. Scrape off excess and place onto baking paper. 
    3. Place back into freezer till glaze is firm. 
    4. With left over mousse, fill a piping bag with a nozzle. 
    5. Place shortbread onto plate followed by the mousse log. 
    6. Pipe mousse in a motion from side to side. 
    7. Decorate with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.