Chocolate & Macadamia Cheesecakes


    While this recipe contains gluten free ingredients it may not be suitable for a gluten free diet. Please check all ingredients listed to ensure this recipe will meet your needs for gluten free.

    • 15 units of RB Baked Gluten Free 80mm Shortbread Shells
    • 60g NESTLÉ Docello® Carriba Milk Compound Chocolate
    • 250g Neufchatel Cream Cheese
    • 110g Sugar
    • 120g Eggs
    • 255g Sour Cream
    • 90g Roasted Macadamia Nuts


    1. Place cheese and sugar in a mixer and blend using a paddle attachment until smooth.

    2. Add eggs slowly with mixer on low speed. Once combined, add sour cream and mix until smooth.

    3. Roast Macadamia Nuts in oven, cool then chop finely.

    4. Remove 80g of the cheesecake mix and set aside (to marble top).

    5. Melt NESTLÉ Docello® Carriba Milk Compound Chocolate and add to remaining cheesecake mix, stir until combined.

    6. Fold through macadamia nuts

    7. Pour cheesecake mix into a tray to achieve depth of 40mm.

    8. Add the 80g of set aside cheesecake mix and marble top with a spoon.

    9. Bake at 140°C for 10-12 mins. Allow to cool & cut to fit 80mm shell.

    10. Place cut baked cheesecake into RB Baked 80mm Gluten Free Shortbread Shells and garnish with quenelle of chocolate ganache, fresh fruit and macadamia praline shard.