HARVEST GOURMET® Plant-Based Schnitzel Wrap

Everyone loves a schnitty! Especially when it's wrapped up in a warm tortilla with salad, MAGGI® Legendary BBQ Sauce and drizzled with our zesty MAGGI® Salsa Roja. This will be your new most popular lunch special!

  • 0:30 TIME
  • 10 Portions
  • easy


10 HARVEST GOURMET® Plant-Based Schnitzels

Salt & Pepper

Oil for deep frying

10 x 8” Wholemeal Tortilla wraps

2 Lebanese Cucumber, de seeded & sliced thinly

2 large Carrots, thinly Julienne sliced

5 Vine ripened Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced

2 heads butter lettuce- separated in to leaves

300ml MAGGI® Legendary BBQ sauce 

400 ml MAGGI® Salsa Roja

(Optional) 300ml Vegan Aioli for garnish

  1. Prepare all salad ingredients
  2. Deep fry the HARVEST GOURMET® Plant-Based Schnitzel until golden brown & cooked through, then slice into 1 cm strips, set aside to keep warm
  3. Warm the wraps ready for assembly 
  4. Place the wraps on a clean work surface, smear the wraps with the MAGGI® Legendary BBQ Sauce then top with lettuce, salad ingredients and the sliced HARVEST GOURMET® Plant-Based Schnitzel. Drizzle with MAGGI® Salsa Roja, roll to enclose and serve.

Chef's Tip

Add any other sorts of vegetables like carrots or alfalfa sprouts or a spicy chipotle mayo to make it your own creation!