Sensational Burger with Black Mayo

A classic plant-based protein burger with a black garlic twist! This delicious burger is sure to please your diners and entice them to come back for more. 

  • 0:20 TIME
  • 10 Portions
  • 540 calories
  • medium


10 HARVEST GOURMET® Sensational™ Burger patties  

75g CHEF® Black Garlic Paste 

10 vegan burger buns 

200g vegan mayonnaise 

200g baby cos lettuce leaves 

5 ripe tomatoes, sliced 

4 large red onions, sliced 

200g avocado (smashed) 

1 Grill the Harvest Gourmet® Sensational™ Burger patties from frozen on a high heat until nicely seared on the outside for approximately 7-9 minutes (ensure is cooked through).  

2 Mix the mayonnaise with the CHEF® Black Garlic Paste, set aside. 3 Use the black garlic mayo as a spread on each burger bun. 

4 Build the burgers with lettuce, tomato slices, smashed avocado and red onion 

5 Cut each burger into quarters, secure with cocktail sticks  if needed. 


    Chef's Tip

    • Offer this delicious patty on your menu as a meat free option on your favourite burgers