Announcing a MAGGI Taste of Asia and Australian Pork Partnership

Tuesday, 24 August, 2021

Transport your customers on a culinary journey to the streets of Asia with our new inspirational collection of recipes, brought to you by MAGGI Taste of Asia in partnership with Australian Pork!

 MAGGI Taste of Asia and Australian Pork

Special feature on Asian flavours

Grounded travel-loving Aussies are having to explore the world in new ways.

With Asian cuisine being one of the largest influences on Modern Australian menus, authentic Asian flavours are easy to achieve with the MAGGI Taste of Asia and HAOJI ranges of sauces, pastes and oils 

“Modern Australian menus are about fusion and combining many flavours on the one plate.” - Executive Chef, Nestlé Professional, Mark Clayton. “The challenges in embracing global flavour trends is know-how and access to seasonal or specific ingredients to recreate these flavours authentically and consistently. Our range supports chefs by making it easy to incorporate these trending flavours across menus.”

Developed from authentic Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Sichuan, Malaysian and Kashmiri recipes, our MAGGI Taste of Asia and HAOJI ranges have numerous recipe applications that work perfectly with Australia’s second favourite meat after chicken, fresh pork.

Australian Pork’s Foodservice research shows that pork is on the menu in two out of three cases, where food service meals are purchased*. With consumption up 35 per cent in the past ten years, insights show that Asian is the second most eaten cuisine in Australia, and of all pork meals that are served within foodservice, 43 per cent are Asian cuisine**.

Australian Pork is a producer-owned industry body, working to represent Aussie pig producers every day. That’s why we’ve partnered with the pork experts at Australian Pork, to bring you a series of delicious pork recipes.

With on-trend recipe applications such as Korean BBQ Pork Ribs, Braised Pork Chops or Sticky Korean Pork Belly Skewers, get inspired to create flavour-packed dishes to make your seasonal pork recipes crackle and pop, right off the plate. Available in one inspirational recipe booklet, accessible below!

Recipe Book

To find out more about our MAGGI Taste of Asia and HAOJI range, see below.

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*Based on 2021 Autumn Foodservice Report prepared for Australian Pork by Thrive Insights. 
**Based on 2020 Year-On-Year Foodservice Report prepared for Australian Pork by Thrive Insights

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