NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk Bag in Box 10kg x 2

The ideal ingredient to create sweet indulgences that tempt the taste buds.
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Nutritional Value




Milk and milk products.

Use & Storage


Instructions Stove Top Cooking Method Place a 10kg bag in a large pan filled with water Use a divider to keep the bag from settling at the bottom/touching the sides of the pot Bring to boil (approx. 50 minutes) and cook for 5 hours Combi Steamer Cooking Method Place a 10kg bag in a perforated gastronome pan Place in a Combi Steamer at full steam (100°C) Cook for 2 1/2 hours Safe Handling Remove bag carefully using tongs and gloves and rest until cool Remove caramelized sweetened condensed milk from bag by cutting open bag


  • Shelf Life in Days: 183
  • Shelf Life in Months: 6

Logistic Datas

Packaging information

Pack Size20.000
Pack Yield10000 g
Servings Per Case100 g
Net Weight20 kg
Gross Weight20.7 kg
Case Height220 mm
Case Width220 mm
Case Length380 mm
Case Cube0.018392 m3
Cases Per Layer15
Layers Per Pallet2
Total Cases Per Pallet30


Meal Requirements

Serving Size100 g
Servings Per Purchase Unit100