NESCAFÉ Alegria 6/20

A reliable high-capacity system for popular-brand beverages at the touch of a button. Renowned for its style, simplicity and reliability, NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA is easy to use, to clean and to fill. This good-looking and hard-working system makes quality coffee simple and it makes it right, every time. Capable of serving 20 quality cups per day, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA 6/20 offers 6 consumer selection buttons to keep everyone happy.

General Equipment Information


Cup Capacity10-20 cups/day 
Drinks selection8 
Hot Water Dispense YES
Water Tank or Plumbed in  


Product Dispensed Information

Product Option Soluble coffee.


Plumbing & Electrical Information

Boiler Capacity x L 
Water Line 1/2 inch cold water connection 
Water PressureMin: 200kPa Max:350kPa 
Electrical 10 amp