A reliable high-capacity system for popular-brand beverages at the touch of a button. Renowned for its style, simplicity and reliability, NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA is easy to use, to clean and to fill. This good-looking and hard-working system makes quality coffee simple and it makes it right, every time. Capable of serving 120 quality cups per day, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA 8/120 offers 8 consumer selection buttons to keep everyone happy.

Style, simplicity and reliability; Up to 8 consumer beverage selections; Serves up to 120 cups a day;

Nestlé Code: 

General Equipment Information

Delivery Time10 - 20 seconds 
Cup Capacity120-140 cups/day 
Hot Water Dispense Yes
Water Tank or Plumbed in  


Product Dispensed Information

Product Option CoffeeBlack, flat white, cappuccino, café latte.
 Chocolate Hot chocolate, mocha.
 TeaTea, hot water for tea. 
Drink Selections 8 


Plumbing & Electrical Information

Water Line (Plumbed only)1/2 inch cold water connection 
Water Pressure(Plumbed only)Min: 200kPa Max: 800kPa
Electrical  240Vac / 10amp 
(Dedicated circuit required)
(Available plumbed or tank)