Our delicious plant-based HARVEST GOURMET® range is here to delight your diners.

Discover our tips on introducing HARVEST GOURMET® into your menu.


Why include HARVEST GOURMET® products on my menu?

More and more people are becoming flexitarian, meaning diners are increasingly choosing to reduce their meat consumption at some or even all of their meals. Adding HARVEST GOURMET® to your menu offers you a delicious option that can cater for every diner’s preferences and needs, from meat eaters to vegans. 

Including our brand on your menu means:

  • No compromise on taste and texture
  • Drive footfall and demand
  • Premium positioning
  • Cater to all 
  • Added loyalty
  • Brand materials to excite diners. Please GET IN TOUCH to receive further information

Here’s how to include HARVEST GOURMET® on your menu:

  • Create exciting dish names, using the most appealing language.
  • It’s all about taste! You could say it’s ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’, because it is!
  • Describe the HARVEST GOURMET® Sensational™ Burger as ‘plant-based’ or 'meat free'. Stay away from words such as ‘fake’ or ‘like meat’.
  • Plating is an important factor, plate plant-based dishes in an appealing way as you would for any other dish!

Our top chef tips:

  • Make sure people know about your new plant-based options – use social media and HARVEST GOURMET® communication materials.
  • Start by converting your diners’ favourite meat dishes like a burger before getting experimental!
  • Try slicing or blending the HARVEST GOURMET® Plant-based Burger to use in other formats
  • Place plant-based options next to meat options so your diners can find them easily.
  • Offer samples – let people know how delicious the dish is.
  • Train your staff – the best ambassador is one that has tried and enjoyed your food.
  • For more chef tips go to GROW WITH IT under the Resources tab.