HARVEST GOURMET® is the delicious plant-based range that’s here to excite and intrigue your diners. 

The name might be new, but the roots of HARVEST GOURMET® go back some 30 years. With beginnings in Israel and a global plant-based prescence with the brands Garden Gourmet®, Tivall® and Sweet Earth®, HARVEST GOURMET® is here to make adding plant-based to the menu simple without any compromise on taste.

We’ve created this information sheet specifically for foodservice operators so you can answer any questions your diners or your team may have about HARVEST GOURMET®.


Why are diners opting for plant-based meals?

More and more people are becoming flexitarian – choosing to reduce their meat consumption at some or even all of their meals. In fact, 1 in 4 Australian's are actively reducing animal products from their diet.Head to our GROW WITH IT HUB for more facts and tips in navigating the plant-based category.

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What is the HARVEST GOURMET® range?

A delicious range of plant-based protein products with great taste and texture, giving your diners a delicious experience.

HARVEST GOURMET® is perfect for people who want to cut down on meat and still enjoy tasty food. In Australia we currently have available the HARVEST GOURMET® Sensational™ Burger. However, make sure you sign up below to stay in touch about our latest innovations.  

How do I describe HARVEST GOURMET® products on my MENU?

  • We recommend using ‘plant-based’ descriptions to excite them.
  • It’s a truly delicious range, so make sure the descriptions are just as appetising as the food.
  • Offer samples to show your diners how tasty they are.
  • Pair HARVEST GOURMET® products with ingredients you usually would with their meat counterparts.
  • Ensure you identify clearly on your menu which items are Vegan or Vegetarian using letters or symbols.