The Harvest Gourmet® Plant-Based Burger is now available at these Restaurants

Friday, 27 November, 2020

Have you tried the Harvest Gourmet® Plant-Based Burger? Head on down to the following restaurants and see why introducing plant-based on your menu doesn't have to compromise on taste or texture. 

Jimmy Hurlston knows his burgers 

The lawyer-turned burger afficianado was propelled into starting his own burger restaurant after co-writing and publishing The Burger Book Victoria. The book showcases the underground burger culture of the state and uncovers some of the most popular burger stops.

With that wealth of burger knowledge, Jimmy and co-owners Phil Martin and Jeremy Gaschk started Easey's in Melbourne's suburb of Collingwood and have been serving an assortment of incredibly popular burgers from their hip venue located atop a multi-storey building and refashioned train carriages.

Jimmy realised that there were more and more flexitarians coming through the door asking for a plant-based menu option, but he didn't want to compromise the taste of his best selling burgers.

"Being able to swap that beef patty out for a Harvest Gourmet patty, doesn’t really affect the flavour of it and the concept of the burger that we made, the flavours work really well together" - Jimmy Hurlston on introducing a meat substitute patty on his menu 

If you're in Melbourne, hop on down to Easey's and try substituting in the new Harvest Gourmet® patty! No compromise on taste or texture.

Watch Jimmy Hurlston demonstrate how Easey's puts together their Plant-Based burger


Oliver's Real Food has launched the new Plant-Based Oli Burger

Oliver's Real Food provides a fresh and natural alternative to fast food on the go. Organic where possible, Oliver's menu has something for everyone including vegetarian and vegan options, and those looking for gluten or dairy free choices. The launch of the new Oli Burger uses the Harvest Gourmet® plant-based burger patty coupled with tasty fillings in a delicious beetroot bun.

This summer, make sure you stop in at an Oliver's Store Location to enjoy a healthy road trip meal without giving up the delicious burger experience with the new Oli Burger! 

Watch the reviews at customers at Oliver's Real Food


Laundy Hotels rolls out the 'Botanical Burger' made with Harvest Gourmet® 

With over 27 establishments across New South Wales, Laundy Hotel's pride themselves on providing their patrons great service and a quality experience. With this in mind, it only makes sense for them to introduce a fully vegan burger that delights all customers from vegan to meat eaters. Laundy Hotels have begun rolling out their brand new 'Botanical Burger' - a delicious vegan burger made with black garlic mayo and the Harvest Gourmet® Plant-Based patty.

With 7 locations including The Marsden Brewhouse and Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel with the burger already on the menu, make sure you keep an eye out on all Laundy Hotel venues to try the Botanical Burger made with Harvest Gourmet®. 

The Botanical Burger made with Harvest Gourmet® at The Marsden Brewhouse

The Harvest Gourmet Plant-Based Burger is now being served at Laundy's