Monday, 27 April, 2020


The National Finals will only be won by the person who demonstrates:

Absolute attention to every detail including wears perfect uniforms (from head to toe), has clean sharp tools, applies creative thinking, correctly plans and spells menus, demonstrates correct technical application, competes as an organised individual, demonstrates systematic and clean preparation, presents quality practical dishes on time and finishes by cleaning down.

You will be required to prepare, cook & serve two (2) portions of a three (3) course menu in 3.5 hours consisting of vegan entrée, main course using chicken as protein and a dessert. One (1) plate is for tasting the second plate is for photography.

Ingredients are to be selected from the supplied pantry & Nestlé Professional product list & NO substitutions are allowed. It is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of four (4) Nestlé products (NOT including dariole moulds).

For the final the following food is permitted to be prepared prior to the commencement of competition.

•  Basic stock – can be brought in, but not reduced, seasoned, or thickened Samples for tasting

•  Salads - cleaned, washed but not mixed or cut

•  Vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions

- cleaned, peeled, washed, raw, not cut (exception for vegetables where seeds have to be removed). For example, squash, but only allowed to be cut in halves.

-  onions can be halved to check quality

-  vegetables like tomatoes may be blanched and peeled

-  broad beans may be shelled

-  vegetable/fruit purées can be brought in, but not reduced, seasoned, or thickened. Final

sauce or coulis must be prepared on competition day. Samples for tasting.

•  Poultry

 - must be whole, not boned cleaned or portioned

 - sausages have to be made on competition day

•  Pastry, sponge, biscuit, meringue

-   can be brought in, but not cut, sliced, or chopped

-   macarons cannot be brought in

-   meringue as a décor has to be dried on competition day

•  Fruit/vegetable pulps and fruit/vegetable purees

-  can be brought in, but not reduced, seasoned, or thickened. Final sauce or coulis must be prepared on competition day. Samples for tasting.

•  Decor elements - 100 % done on competition day

•  Bones for stock - bones (including extra) can be brought in cut into small pieces

•  Eggs - can be separated and pasteurised, but not processed in any other way

•  Dry & Wet Ingredients - can be weighed and measured

Equipment allowed for the competition is to ONLY what is stipulated on the equipment list, exceptions are listed. In the NSW, Tasmania & New Zealand finals some equipment may need to be shared. White china plates are required for all 3 courses, you can supply your own or plan with the venue to use their stock.

The competition will be live steamed to a panel of 4 senior judges Andre Kropp Chairman ACF Culinary Committee, Karen Doyle President ACF, Hughie Blues President NZ Chefs & Mark Clayton Nestlé Professional Executive Chef. There will be 2 judges at each event who will be the eyes, ears, tasters for the senior panel.

It is extremely important that your recipes & workflow are incredibly detailed so the online judges can see what you are doing methodically.


Each team starts with 100 points and points are deducted in accordance with the following measurable elements:


Mis En Place  10 points

Personal Presentation - 3

Set up workstation - 4

Correct Mise en place level - 3         


Professional Preparation  30 Points

Hygiene Practices - 5

Technical skills displayed - 5

Correct methods of preparation - 5

Wastage - 5

Efficient utilisation of time/organisation skills  5

Service - 5


Presentation  10 Points                                   

Suitable temperature - 1                     

Originality/flair - 2

Appropriate to class/true to menu description 2       

Portion size - 1

Clean arrangement & dish - 2         

Nutritional balance - 2


Taste 50 Points                    

Does the major component taste good - 6                     

Balance of textures - 6

Does the sauce/garnish taste good - 6                     

Balance of flavours - 6

Do the complements add to the taste of the major component 6                 

Seasoning - 8

Is there harmony of flavour combinations in the menu - 6                  

Taste of food preserved - 6


Medals will be awarded to the following levels

Bronze, 70-79 points

Silver, 80-89 points

Gold, 90-99 points

Gold with distinction, 100 points + min 3 judges in agreement