Vegan diets are growing in popularity the world over, and Australia is no exception. Research by culinary website Chef’s Pencil found that across the globe veganism is now twice as popular as it was just five years ago. It also found that Australia has one of the largest vegan communities worldwide. Businesses should take note as these numbers only account for vegans. There are also plant-based consumers with vegetarian and flexitarian diets that are interested in meatless meals as well. Nestle research found 1 in 4 Aussies are actively pursuing a plant-based lifestyle.  

Does your kitchen cook vegan recipes and incorporate vegan products into the menu? It might seem impossible at first to cook without meat or animal by-products, but manufacturers are creating wholesale vegan food in Australia that can make it easier than you might think to swap out meat for faux-meat replacements.  You also have vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, and a whole variety of other plant-based products to choose from. Creating wholesale vegan food will allow your restaurant to better keep up with consumer demand.

Vegan Products

Tips for creating wholesale vegan food

One tip for creating wholesale vegan food is to stop focusing on what you can’t cook with and instead focus on what you can. It might seem impossibly restricting to not have meat or animal by-products, but you can still make yummy recipes without them.

Break down the plate to see if it has a protein source, carbs, and fats. You can directly swap out some meat protein for plant-based protein without changing much of the recipe – such as using lentils instead of mince in a Bolognese. Instead of a meat patty for a burger, you can use tempeh, mushroom, or a bean patty. There are wholesale faux-meat replacements that you can use when there isn’t an obvious substitute.

Visit other vegan restaurants or google recipes to get inspiration. Become familiar with new vegetables and flavours. Learn easy ingredients to swap like coconut oil instead of butter in desserts. Rely on spices, tahini and soy sauce for flavour instead of butter, mayonnaise, and fish sauce.




What products are vegan friends

There might be more vegan products out on the market than you think. According to Mintel research, between 2014 and 2016 there was a 92% increase in the number of food products launched in Australia carrying a vegan claim. From non-dairy ice cream to vegan-friendly Milo, manufacturers are recognising the vegan trend and jumping on board.

Manufacturers are not just recreating favourites, they are making it easier to find naturally vegan products too. In the grocery store there are nut-based milks, olive oil spreads to replace butter, and even flax egg to replace eggs. Not to mention foods like tofu, tempeh and agave syrup.

From sweet to savory, with a little creativity you can turn almost any meal into a vegan variation. Just remember that it can’t come from an animal in any way. When in doubt – google the food you want and search for vegan substitutions.