Coffee vending machine refills, coffee machine refills, pet jars, beverage bar Offering coffee in your workplace is a great benefit to your employees… until you run out. Make sure you always have plenty on hand with coffee machine refills. Based on your machine, the refills might be stored directly in a vending machine or with a separate display. Either way, your beverage bar should include plenty of spare instant coffee to make sure no one’s left with an empty cup.

If your business has a sustainability focus and you’re worried about the waste of individual coffee servings, you’re in good company. Nestle believes that packaging shouldn’t cost the Earth. That’s why by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable. We want to make sure that none of our packaging ends up in landfill or as rubbish. To make this a reality, we’re rethinking packaging with new materials and alternatives such as reusable packaging and refill options like PET jars. We have also committed to one-third reduction of virgin plastics by 2025. Our coffee pods are created with aluminium, so the last drop doesn’t mean the last use. Together we can give a second life to both the capsules and coffee grounds.

How beverage bar works as a beverage solution for your business

Whether your business has a food service kitchen or workplace breakroom, a beverage bar is the perfect solution for a self-serve setup. It gives your customers and employees a variety of drink options at any time throughout the day. From Milo to coffee, they can make a perfect cup just the way they like it.

Nescafe offers a beverage bar that helps ensure the drink station stays clean and hygienic. With three different PET jars, each dispenser reduces cross-contamination and allows for built-in portion control. The easy-to-swap refill PET jars also work towards recycling and sustainability goals.

PET is the easiest plastic to recycle and we are committed to tackling plastic packaging waste. In Australia, we’ve embarked on a trial to collect, sort and process soft plastic. You can learn more about that initiative here.

Using coffee vending machines for your business

Nescafe offers a range of coffee vending machines that act as your automated barista. Easy to use and maintain, our machines help you make the perfect cup of coffee over and over. It allows your staff to focus their attention on the rest of the service with peace of mind that Nescafe will create the coffee for them.

Our Milano and Alegria lines guarantee you’ll find the right solution for your business.  There is a range of capabilities regarding the different kind of espresso-based drinks the machines can make as well as the amount of coffee that can be made in a day. Featuring up to 48 beverage selections, customisable intuitive touch panels and LCD touch screens, these premium automatic coffee machines provide great quality coffee that is sure to impress employees and customers alike.

When buying coffee vending machine refills, make sure they are compatible with your machine.