CHEF Black Garlic Paste 450g

The Chinese have used black garlic for centuries. Developed through a fermentation process, fresh garlic is transformed to create a sweet and umami rich garlic flavour to use at any stage of the cooking process. Innovate your menu with CHEF Signature Black Garlic Paste. Products supplied as 6 x 450g. Use approximately 10-40g per 1 litre/kg

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Good To Know


  • Remove the hassle of having to ferment garlic from 60 to 90 days
  • Gluten Free – endorsed by Coeliac Australia
  • Vegan & Vegetarian
  • Versatile use for seasoning sauces and delivering umami flavours

Chef's Tip


Firstly, what is Black Garlic? Black garlic takes time and patience to prepare, as it takes up to 90 days at constant low temperature to create the maillard reaction that turns garlic into a sweet and earthy flavour that has become such an on trend flavour bringing complexity to a multitude of components.”

Why use our CHEF Black Garlic Paste? It easily allows you to add Black Garlic flavour on your menu, which is a trending flavour at the moment. It is super convenient; saving you up to 90 days of preparation time and provides flavour consistency they can rely on. This product is a flavour enhancer that is extremely versatile, ideal for use in sauces, gravy, dressing, etc.”

Mark Clayton, Executive Chef Nestlé Professional

Usage & Product Details

Format: 6 x 450g

Yield: Use approximately 10-40g per 1L/kg