CARNATION Full Cream Evaporated Milk 375mL x 18

With 75% less fat than cream, you can now enjoy your favourite creamy meals.
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Nutritional Value


Milk, Vegetable Gum (407)


Milk and milk products

<h3>Nutritional Fact</h3>
<table><thead><tr><th scope="col">&nbsp;</th><th scope="col">Average Quantity per Serving</th><th scope="col">Average Quantity per 100ml</th></tr></thead>
<tr><th scope="row">Energy</th><td>670kJ</td><td>670kJ</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">Protein</th><td>8.0g</td><td>8.0g</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">Fat, Total</th><td>8.8g</td><td>8.8g</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">- Saturated</th><td>6.2g</td><td>6.2g</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">Carbohydrate</th><td>12.3g</td><td>12.3g</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">- Sugars</th><td>12.3g</td><td>12.3g</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">Sodium</th><td>125mg</td><td>125mg</td></tr>
<tr><th scope="row">Calcium</th><td>240mg</td><td>240mg</td></tr>

Use & Storage


Store unopened at toom temperature. Shake well before opening. After opening, refrigerate in a covered container for up to 5 days.


  • Shelf Life in Days: 456
  • Shelf Life in Months: 15

Logistic Datas

Packaging information

Pack Size403.500
Pack Yield400 mL
Servings Per Case72 mL
Net Weight0.404 kg
Gross Weight0.46 kg
Case Height105 mm
Case Width75 mm
Case Length75 mm
Case Cube0.000591 m3
Cases Per Layer12
Layers Per Pallet9
Total Cases Per Pallet108


Meal Requirements

Serving Size100 mL
Servings Per Purchase Unit4