Classically styled coffee machine with modern flair. The stainless steel construction and solid design gives this unit a classic professional aesthetic, but a wealth of coffee-making technology lies just under the hood. Electronic programmable volumetric dosing means baristas can select any of four programmed doses from each group. The 3 group model features 2 chromed steam wands and a total of 12 programmable doses. Capable of making up to 310 cups per hour, it’s a simple yet professional coffee machine that can pour them as fast as you can move.

Easy to operate; Available in burgundy, black or sand; Two stainless steel steam wands; 12 programmable doses; Capable of making 310 cups per hour;

Nestlé Code: 

General Equipment Information

Cup Capacity250-500 cups/day 
Hot Water Dispense yes


Product Dispensed Information

Product Option Roast & Ground coffee: 
9g coffee shot


Plumbing & Electrical Information

Boiler Capacity17L 
Water Line 1/2 inch cold water connection 
Water PressureMin: 200kPa Max:350kPa 
Electrical 240Vac / 25amp 
(Dedicated circuit required)